Prestigious scholarships

These externally-funded prestigious scholarships are some of the most powerful and respected programs offered in Australia and across the world. They are intended for you to undertake study or research at the world’s top universities by showcasing your academic excellence, together with your leadership potential and desire to make an impact on communities, both in Australia and around the world.

Application timeframes

Scholarships are offered at different times throughout the year. Be sure to check the individual scholarship website for specific applications dates.  

Scholarship Fullbright
Quad Fellowship John Monash  Rhodes
New Colombo
Westpac Future
Westpac Asian
Applications open February  February May June July July
Applications close July  April July August
August September November



Rhodes Scholarship Information Session

Tuesday 2 July, 1-2pm

In-person: Register

This information session will include Amy Steinepreis, Rhodes Scholars; UWA Rhodes Advisors, Associate Professor Fiona Pixely; Associate Professor Murray Wesson; and Associate Professor Scott Draper who will share information about the Rhodes Scholarship including the eligibility criteria,  application process and application support available to UWA applicants.

UWA Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship

Tuesday 30 July, 1-2pm

Online: Register

The Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship is all about supporting everyday people with big ideas to pursue postgraduate study or research in areas of sustainability, technology and innovation, social change or Australia’s relationship with Asia. The aim is to empower these individuals to become leaders in their field, helping them to drive positive change and create a brighter tomorrow for Australia.


Prestigious Scholarship Information Session, Tuesday 19 March

Watch the recording

UWA Fulbright Information Webinar, Tuesday 11 April

Watch the recording

Rhodes Scholarships Information Webinar, 15 May

Visit the website

UWA John Monash Scholarship Information Webinar, 11 June

Watch the recording


  • Fulbright

    Travel to the United States of America and experience an academic and cultural exchange program like none other. You’ll help to foster bi-national research collaboration and the exchange of ideas by studying a full-time postgraduate degree (up to two years) or undertake research (up to five years) at a US university of your choice. 

    The Fulbright Scholarship is offered across various academic and career stages in four categories: postgraduate, postdoctoral, scholar, and distinguished chair.  

    Scholarship benefits 

    • Monthly stipend to cover the cost of living
    • Partial tuition allowance for one year or full tuition allowance (Fulbright Future award only)
    • Economy class airfare to and from the US
    • Access to established professional networks, e.g. alumni and other international collaborative groups
    • Orientation and enrichment opportunities in Australia and the US
    • Media and publicity support

    Application process

    Applications open from February to July each year. Applications are submitted online through the Australian-American Fulbright Commission.  

  • John Monash

    Established in Australia for Australian citizens, John Monash Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students of all ages and disciplines to support your postgraduate study (Masters, PhD or equivalent). You’ll experience life abroad by studying at an overseas university of your choice if you can demonstrate why it’s a world-leading institution for your study area. 

    You’ll demonstrated academic excellence in your field, leadership potential, and the motivation to contribute to a better Australia.

    Scholarship benefits 

    •  Annual stipend of AUD $70,000 per year for up to a maximum of 3 years (AUD $210,000) for postgraduate study (depending on the length of the degree at a full-time study load)
    • Support to travel to the location of your postgraduate study overseas from Australia
    • Partial tuition fee waivers if you choose Kings College London, Cransfield University, or IE University

    Application process

    Applications open from May to July each year. Applications are submitted online through the General Sir John Monash Foundation

  • INPEX Foundation Scholarship

    INPEX Foundation Scholarship has launched a new scholarship program for Australian students who wish to study a master’s course at any university in Japan. They are looking for candidates with a bachelor’s degree, particularly those who have an interest in studying cultural science, social science or natural science. Candidates are not required to be proficient in Japanese to apply.

    Scholarship benefits

    • All school expenses to be paid to the university in Japan
    • Monthly award Yen.160,000
    • Commuter pass expenses in Japan.
    • Round-trip airfare to and from Japan

    Further information about the scholarship is available on the INPEX Foundation website.

  • New Colombo Plan

    The New Colombo Plan is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting undergraduate students to study and undertake internships in the region. The New Colombo Plan supports you to study for up to one year in an Indo-Pacific country, including an internship or mentorship. 

    Scholarship benefits 

    • Funding of up to $75,000 over 19 months (12 months of study and associated internship), including tuition fees, a monthly stipend, and travel, accommodation, and health allowance

    Application process

    Applications open from July to August each year. Applications are submitted internally to UWA who then nominates successful candidates to the Australian Government for selection. 

  • New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants

    There are also Mobility Grants for both short term and full semester study and internships. Learn more about the programs that currently have Mobility Grants available for:

    Short term programs

    Full semester programs

  • Quad Fellowship

    The first multinational scholarship and educational program specifically supporting STEM students, the Quad Fellowship offers you the opportunity to study your master's or PhD in the United States.

    You'll demonstrate exceptional academic achievements throughout your undergraduate studies and be committed to advancing innovation, collaboration and research for positive social change, both in Australia and among other Quad countries – India, Japan, and the United States.

    Fellowship benefits

    • Round-trip airfare to and from the US
    • $50,000 USD to be used for tuition, research, fees, accommodation, and related academic expenses
    • Access to a variety of virtual programs pre and post Fellowship to enhance cross-cultural exchange and networking
    • Additional funding available to cover costs related to completing graduate-level studies
    • Lifelong access to the global network of Quad Fellowship alumni

    Application process

    Applications open from February to April. Applications are submitted online through the Quad Fellowship.

  • Rhodes

    The Rhodes Scholarship program is the oldest and perhaps the most prestigious international scholarship program in the world. There are nine scholarships awarded in Australia each year to support exceptional young students to undertake postgraduate study at the University of Oxford.

    You’ll demonstrate outstanding intellect, character and leadership and be motivated to engage with global challenges and show the promise of becoming value-driven leaders in your career.

    Scholarship benefits 

    • £16,218 per annum personal stipend for accommodation and living expenses
    • Application, University and College tuition fees covered
    • Additional research grants available on application
    • Economy class airfares to and from the UK

    Application process

    Applications open from June to August each year. Applications are submitted online through the Rhodes Trust.

  • Westpac Asian Exchange

    The Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarships are for ambition, curious and passionate individuals with bright ideas and a deep interest in the lasting relationships between Australia and Asia. 

    The scholarship supports you to undertake up to two semesters of your undergraduate degree at a university in Asia, offering a cultural experience to open your mind, develop your thinking and offer you networking opportunities with some of the best Australia-Asia thought leaders.

    Scholarship benefits 

    • Up to $12,250 to cover study, living and travel expenses  
    • One-week residential leadership program in Asia
    • Support for immersive experiences, e.g. language courses, internships and volunteering
    • Lifetime membership to the Westpac 100 Scholars Network

    Application process

    Applications open from September to January each year. Applications are submitted online through the Westpac Scholars website.

  • Westpac Future Leaders

    The Westpac Future Leaders Scholarships are among the most powerful development scholarships in Australia. There are 17 scholarships awarded each year to exceptional individuals who have the inspiration, drive and ideas to change Australia – and potentially the world – for the better.

    The scholarship offers financial assistance for you to undertake postgraduate study at an Australian university, including UWA, to ultimately make a difference to Australia’s future in one of three areas; technology and innovation, fostering Australian-Asian ties, and enabling positive social change.

    Scholarship benefits 

    • Up to $120,000 over 2-3 years to support course fees and living expenses
    • Enrolment in a nine-month Leadership Development Program in Sydney
    • Tailored international experiences (e.g. conferences, internships, volunteering) for up to six months
    • Lifelong membership to the Westpac 100 Scholars Network
    • Attendance at the Westpac Scholars Summit in Sydney

    Application process

    Applications open from July to September each year. Applications are submitted online through the Westpac Scholars website.

Hear from some of our scholars

“Being a Westpac Scholar means that I am connected to an incredible and growing network of ambitious, passionate and innovative change-makers. The opportunity to reach out for support or to discuss a new idea is met with meaningful assistance and encouragement. The other Westpac Scholars want to see you succeed and will be in your corner the whole way through your academic journey.”

Cam Thorn
2019 Westpac Future Leaders Scholar

“The application process for the Rhodes Scholarship involves submitting a personal statement outlining who you are, your passions and why you’d like to study at the University of Oxford. You also have to submit referee statements – three academic and two personal – plus a CV. Then there’s an interview process which is really worthwhile as there is a lot of self-reflection.”

Natasha Lutz

2020 Rhodes Scholar

Contact us

If you have questions about any of the above scholarships, email our Prestigious Scholarships Coordinator, Stacey Francis.

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