Campus card

Your campus card is used for a range of reasons:

  • ID at your exams and on campus
  • Swipe access to facilities such as labs, workshops, study areas and the library
  • Borrowing books and accessing the online database at the library
  • Printing and copying on campus
  • Discounts at Guild outlets

To have your card mailed to you, send us an email via askUWA.

How do I get my UWA campus card?

If you’re an OHCWA, TAFE or Curtin student, apply for your campus card during your enrolment at OHCWA.

For staff or visitor campus cards, visit the UWA Staff Intranet.

For community or affiliate library members, visit the Library website.

  • It’s my first time studying at UWA

    There are a few things to do before you can collect your campus card:

    1. Activate your UniID account.
    2. Log into your UWA student email account.
    3. Enrol in your units through studentConnect.
    4. Log into CaptureMe and send us a photo to be printed on your campus card. You’ll also need to upload a copy of your ID (Australian driver’s licence, passport, or Australian Proof of Age/Identity card).
    5. Once you’ve sent your photo, check your student email for confirmation we’ve received it. In the following day or two, you’ll receive a second email, asking you to upload another photo or providing information on collecting your card.
    6. Start using your card! You can add your enrolment and guild stickers, start borrowing library books and join a Guild club.

    If you’re studying at one of our regional or offshore campuses, you can still use CaptureMe to upload your photo and ID. A UWA representative will organise for your card to be sent to your campus.

    Check out the conditions of use for your campus card below.

  • I’ve studied at UWA before

    If you’ve been a student at UWA before, visit Student Central with your photo ID (Australian driver’s licence, passport or Australian Proof of Age/Identity card) and we’ll either take a new photo or re-print your card for you on the spot.

    If you’ve changed your name since the last time you studied, bring along your change of name document in addition to your photo ID (marriage certificate, change of name certificate or amended birth certificate).

    Your card will only take a few minutes to print.

Getting your Transperth SmartRider card

If you’re a full-time student, you’re eligible for a student concession with Transperth, offering you discounted fares on bus and train services. Once you’ve collected your campus card and full-time sticker, visit the Guild Secondhand Bookshop on the first floor in the UWA Guild Village or any SmartRider outlet to purchase your SmartRider card. Register your SmartRider via studentConnect to receive your concession with Transperth. If you’re a new student, your concession rate may not activate until the first week of classes.

Lost, stolen or replacement cards

  • Locking a lost card

    If you lose your campus card, report it lost online with your student number and password; or if you’re unable to go online, call Security on 6488 3020 to disable your card temporarily.

    If your card is returned, we'll send an email to your UWA email address to let you know you can collect it from Student Central.

  • Unlocking a card

    If you’ve reported your card lost online and found it, call Security on 6488 3020 to have it unlocked.

  • I've found someone’s card

    If you find a UWA campus card, return it to Student Central so we're able to contact the card owner.

    If you’re not able to come in and see us, post it to M356 Student Administration, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley 6009.

  • I need a replacement card

    If you’re unable to find your card, you can get a replacement at Student Central. Replacement cards are $15, and we’ll take your payment and print your card on the spot for you. You can keep the same photo or ask us to take a new one. If your card was stolen, bring a police report number with you and we’ll replace your card for free. Once a replacement is printed, your old card can’t be reactivated.

  • My card isn't working

    There could be a few reasons your card isn’t working:

    • The chip has failed or the card is faulty
    • The card you’re trying to use is an old card
    • You need access added to the card

    Come in to Student Central with your card and we’ll investigate what’s going on for you.


  • Adding printing credit

    The easiest way to add printing credit to your card is via the online portal. Log in with your number and Pheme password and pay via debit, credit or MasterCard. If you have any issues with your printing credit, go to askUWA and submit an email with the details of your transaction.

    Autoloaders can be found in every library and you can add credit directly via Eftpos.

  • Using your card to print

    Find out how to print at the Library’s website. If a print job fails, see a Library staff member or send an email to askUWA with your student ID, the file name of the print job, the time and date you tried to print, and your location.

Conditions of use

Circumstances may arise which require the University to vary these conditions and it may do so at any time. If the University does alter these conditions, any changes will be published on this website. By accepting and using your UWA campus card, you agree to the conditions of use:

  • Cancellation of card services

    The University may cancel any of its services available to you in connection with your card in accordance with University policies and procedures.

  • University's liability

    To the extent permitted by law, the University's liability is limited to replacing cards with a faulty computer chip.

    Card holders are responsible for managing the funds in their card's electronic account and for reducing balances to zero before leaving the University.

    The University does not accept liability for lost, stolen, user-damaged or destroyed cards, nor for loss of monetary value through unauthorised use of your card's electronic account.

    The University is not liable for any loss you may suffer arising from any malfunction of the card system, or if a card reader or terminal equipment is unavailable for use or unable to be used.

    To the extent permitted by law, the University is not liable for any indirect or consequential loss incurred by you.

    Unless required by law, the University is not liable for the availability, quality or fitness for purpose of any of the services not provided by the University or any goods or services purchased with your card not provided by the University.

    The University is not liable if a card system participant fails to accept your card.

    Possession of a UWA campus card does not empower any staff member or card holder to act as an agent for the University.

  • Card use and security

    Cards can be used for electronic building access, identification on UWA premises, library access, storing cash value for copying and printing, and identification during examinations.

    For all exams, students must present their student ID card as a form of photographic identification and verification.

    Your campus card is not transferable. If found in the possession of any person other than the authorised holder, it will be confiscated and sent to Student Central.

    Your campus card should be kept secure, and you are liable for any losses resulting from unauthorised building entry or library access that are attributable to the fact you delayed reporting that your card was lost, stolen, or misused.

    Cards reported lost or stolen are unable to be used again if recovered after a new card has been issued. Superseded cards should be shredded.

  • Campus card ownership

    Your campus card remains the property of UWA. You must return your campus card to the University immediately if asked to do so.

    The University will not use personal information about you, except as required for University purposes, unless you give your consent.

    The University will not provide or sell information recorded in the campus card system about your card to other people or organisations except:

    • as required by law
    • to answer an inquiry from you concerning the operation of your card
    • to cancel or recall your card or cancel any chip function
    • to supply information to you in the event of damage to, loss or theft of your card
    • to investigate and resolve a complaint, inquiry or dispute in relation to your card

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