Class timetable

Once you’ve enrolled in your units, your next step is to set up your class timetable by choosing the days and times that would suit you best for each of your classes. You do this in an online application called Class Allocation System (CAS).

Login to CAS now

If you’re flexible in your commitments and don’t mind what day and time your classes end up on, you can skip this step and sit back as CAS automatically generates a timetable for you.

Want to know the proposed timetable options for units before you enrol?

Use the 2024 Timetable and Summer School Timetable systems to search for the unit(s) you’re interested in. Please note this information is not final and may change.

Important updates

Class Allocation System dates for Semester 2:

  • Preference mode: Tuesday 18 June (12pm) until Monday 8 July (11am)
  • Allocation mode: Monday 15 July (11am) until Friday 9 August (3pm)
  • Read only mode: Friday 9 August (3pm)

Choosing your preferences

For each of your units you will have a series of classes visible in CAS. Each class will have several timeslots available for you to choose from and you should choose at least four preferences for the times that suit you best. Allocate a preference of 1 to your most preferred timeslot, 2 for your second most preferred timeslot, 3 for your third most preferred timeslot and 4 for your fourth most preferred timeslot.

The percentage next to the preference dropdown indicates how popular each option is. Choosing a less popular option will improve your chances of getting your first preference.

It doesn’t matter if you login as soon as CAS opens to enter your preferences or a few days later, everyone gets an equal chance at receiving their first preferences.

Once the period for choosing preferences close, CAS sorts through the preferences to generate the best timetables available for everyone.

Viewing your class timetable

Once your personalised class timetable is finalised, you can view it in CAS. If you’re not 100% happy with the class times you’ve ended up with, you can put yourself on a waitlist to swap into another class. This means as soon as another student moves out of that class, you can be moved in.

If you can’t attend a lecture that you’ve been assigned in your class timetable in person, you can also watch it online.

Having trouble selecting preferences for a specific unit or class? Contact the staff member listed in the Message box, above where you choose your preferences.

Need general support using the system? You can drop into the TechDesk at Reid Library (available for limited hours).

Basic troubleshooting

Can’t see your units listed in CAS?

StudentConnect and CAS take a moment to speak with one another. If you’ve only just enrolled, wait half an hour before logging back into CAS and your units should appear.

If there are absolutely no options for CAS to prevent a clash between classes for two different units then the system won’t be able to assign you classes for those units. You may need to decide which unit is the most important for you to complete this semester and then swap the other unit for something else.

Contact your Student Advising Office if you’d like advice on what to do.

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