Data and Computer Science


Are you interested in developing, creating and improving our everyday lives by interpreting the data and IT behind technological advances? Join us and gain the knowledge you need for an exciting career in the information and technology world.

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Teaching expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Big Data and Software Development


1st in WA for Computer Science (ARWU 2019)


High demand graduates working in global companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook

Majors and popular combinations

Tailor your degree by exploring your career path or interest area in your first year, before selecting one or two majors in your second year. It's a unique feature of our course model and the best part is, it won't cost any extra or take longer to complete your degree.

Bachelor of Science

A key focus of the Bachelor of Science is understanding, reasoning and improving the natural world through systematic observation, experimentation, modelling and calculation.

Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science (Honours)

From mobile data and cloud computing to artificial intelligence and advanced software development, UWA’s Advanced Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) gives you the tools and techniques to embrace technological challenges and devise innovative solutions to transform the way we live.

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Successfully completing an honours degree not only prepares you for higher-degree study at master’s and PhD level, but demonstrates to prospective employers a higher capacity for independent learning and research.

Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) is an inspiring, holistic four-year degree comprising a three-year bachelor’s (chosen from UWA’s Arts, Biomedical Science, Commerce or Science degrees) and a fourth year of honours.

Postgraduate courses

Become an expert in your chosen field by taking your skills and qualifications to new heights after completing your undergraduate degree. With a UWA postgraduate degree, you can learn from reputable thought leaders and build strong, life-long connections.

I chose to study data science because not only is there a huge demand in industry for data scientists, it also puts you at the front of the pack for cutting-edge research in fields like machine learning and advance data mining techniques. Lincoln McLean

Create your connections


We’ve joined forces with a number of leading software and computing companies, as well as public sector groups, to connect our graduates to real-life careers. Some of these partnerships include IBM Australia, Main Roads WA and Immersive Technologies.

Student club

The Computer Science Students Club (CSSC) runs social and educational events for computer science students. Activities include weekly barbeques, occasional LANs, end of semester staff versus students soccer matches, and an annual quiz night, along with other events and services.