Bachelor of Human Rights

Get the knowledge and skills you need to engage with real-world challenges in human rights and social justice.

Minimum ATAR
Years Full-Time

Majors available

Human Rights - Extended major

More information about the Human Rights (Extended Major), including course structure, TISC and Course codes, fees and how to apply, will become available later in 2022.

The learning experience

UWA facilities include lecture theatres, case study rooms and break-out areas for group work and individual study.

Careers and further study

Career Pathways

With a Bachelor of Human Rights, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to work in a range of areas and organisations.

Potential career paths include:

  • Public policy/public service
  • Consultancy 
  • Journalism
  • NGOs
  • Activism

Further Study

Further study will allow you to gain a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). It will open up opportunities in academia and research to help you pursue your goals in a wide range of careers, depending on your area of research.

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Entry requirements

About the Bachelor of Human Rights

Human rights have become the dominant language in which contentious social and political questions are debated, worldwide. Activists appeal to human rights in defence of the oppressed. A complex set of global institutions has evolved, centred around human rights and a flourishing field of academic inquiry is now devoted to debating human rights issues.

UWA’s Bachelor of Human Rights is a unique, interdisciplinary program of study that equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage with real-world issues in human rights, and related areas such as social justice. You will examine these ideas from a variety of perspectives; legal, historical, political, practical, and philosophical. You will also gain invaluable analytical skills essential for success in the workplace.

Bachelor of Human Rights

Minimum ATAR
  • 85
  • February and July
Full time completion
  • 3 years full-time
  • TBA
  • TBA

Why study Human Rights at UWA?

  • Human rights are the dominant language in which contentious social and political questions are debated, globally. UWA is the only university in Western Australia that affords undergraduate students the opportunity to undertake a full program of study in human rights.
  • The Bachelor of Human Rights is a unique, interdisciplinary program, affording student the opportunity to study human rights, and associated ideas (e.g. social justice) from a wide variety of perspectives – legal, political, philosophical, practical, and historical. Your teachers will be leading experts in their respective fields.
  • Gain vital experience and connections with opportunities for internships and contact with persons working on human rights issues.

You'll learn to

  • Understand the central issues in the study of human rights and learn about real-world human rights challenges from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. This will give students the capacity to approach complex social and political problems from a range of perspectives.
  • Gain vital, transferable skills in critical thinking, writing, and analysis – skills in constant demand from employers.
  • Learn how to apply human rights (and associated ideas – e.g. social justice) to contentious social and political questions, and to understand rights-based issues with respect to matters of public policy, and corporate practices.

Put theory into practice

Current UWA students are eligible to take one of our professional experience units. These units bridge the gap between university and the workplace by providing opportunities to gain hands-on, practical experience. You can master new skills, make connections and network, get a taste of the opportunities in the workforce and add experience to your resume, all before graduating.

Find out more about Work Integrated Learning.

Graduate with two degrees

The combined degree option allows you to pair your Bachelor of Human Rights degree with another passion, broadening your career options and giving you an edge in a rapidly changing workforce.

You can combine the Bachelor of Human Rights with:

You’ll graduate with two Bachelor degrees in just four years, opening up a world of possible career paths while broadening your knowledge, networks and horizons.

Duration: 4 years
ATAR: 87

First in Western Australia

The Bachelor of Human Rights is unique to The University of Western Australia. No other university in Western Australia offers an undergraduate program in human rights.