Higher Degree Research Graduands

  • Graduation ceremonies
    • UWA July Graduation Ceremonies are scheduled for Wednesday, 26 July 2023 to Friday, 28 July 2023.
    • Ceremony-specific information will be emailed to all students that applied to graduate at an in-person ceremony on Wednesday, 3 May 2023.



  • Check you have a unique student identifier (usi) Number
    • It is an Australian Government requirement that from 01 January 2023, all higher education students must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) for their degree to be conferred. Students who do not have a USI by their chosen conferral date will not be graduated, and will be moved to the next conferral.
    •  Please click on the link below for information on how to create your USI.


  • Step 1: apply to graduate
    • Applications are open from Monday, 27 March to Friday, 21 April 2023.
    • You will receive an email inviting you to “Apply to Graduate” in StudentConnect on Monday, 27 March 2023.
    • The “Apply to Graduate” deadline is Friday, 21 April 2023.
    • It is important to “Apply to Graduate” to reserve a spot for you in the ceremony, even if there is only a small chance that you will not complete the course requirements before Wednesday, 28 June 2023.


  • Applying to graduate as attending or in absentia

    You can apply to graduate and attend an in-person ceremony or to graduate in absentia, without attending a ceremony.


    • Your award will be conferred at an in-person ceremony inside Winthrop Hall
    • You will receive your certificate at your ceremony


    • You award can be conferred in absentia, without you attending a ceremony.
    • Please be advised, once your award is conferred in absentia, you will not have the opportunity to attend a future graduation ceremony for your award.
    • Your certificate will be mailed to you.


  • Step 2: confirm your attendance for your in-person ceremony
    • If you applied to graduate as Attending, you will receive an email on Wednesday 3 May 2023, asking you to “Confirm your Attendance” in StudentConnect. In this email, you will also be advised of the date and time of your ceremony.
    • You will have between Wednesday, 3 May to Friday, 12 May 2023 to “Confirm your Attendance”.
    • If you have Applied to Graduate in person, and you do not “Confirm your Attendance” by Friday, 12 May, your graduation status will be changed from attending to in absentia.


  • Academic regalia and tickets
    • Regalia and ticket orders are open via the GFP Online Ordering Portal, once you have confirmed your in-person Attendance in StudentConnect from Wednesday, 3 May 2023.
    • Should you place an order for regalia or Reception tickets, and subsequently do not attend the July 2023 Graduation ceremonies, GFP Events will refund you the cost of your regalia hire and Reception Tickets.


  • Step 3: academic regalia
    • GFP Events is the University‚Äôs preferred supplier of regalia and has the details of your academic regalia. You are not obliged to hire or purchase your regalia through GFP Events.
    • Please be advised, that should a regalia supplier other than GFP Events provide you with regalia, which is incorrect, you will need to hire regalia from GFP Events on the day of your ceremony to ensure that you graduate in the correct academic dress.
    • Please ensure you order regalia at least one week prior to the ceremonies, so that the supplier is sufficiently stocked.
    • Graduation gowns are not the same for certain awards. If you have graduated previously with an Undergraduate qualification, you cannot reuse the same gown for a Masters or Higher Doctorate award.

    Your black graduation gown should have sleeves that open just above the elbow. The length of the sleeve should be as long as the gown.



  • Step 4: guest tickets
    • Complimentary Winthrop Hall tickets:
    • Up to two tickets per graduand, available for ordering via the GFP Online Ordering Portal from Monday, 10 July 2023.
    • Reception Tickets with Live-stream Access:
    • As each graduand receives up to two complimentary Winthrop Hall guest tickets, ticket sales for our on-campus livestream venue are available for your guests who wish to come to campus to view your graduation ceremony and attend the post-ceremony reception.
    • These tickets are available for ordering via the GFP Online Ordering Portal, from Wednesday, 3 May 2023.


  • Step 5: final version documents submission deadline
    • You need to submit the final version of your documents to Graduate Research School via HDRhub before Wednesday 28 June 2023 to be eligible for the July 2023 graduation ceremonies.


  • Step 6: attending graduands: invite your supervisors to attend your ceremony
    • Your supervisors are welcome to attend your ceremony as part of the Official Procession, which is dressed in academic regalia and seated on stage.
    • You will be responsible for inviting your supervisor and notifying them of the date and time of your Graduation ceremony so they can registered – the Graduations Events team does not do this, as they do not have access to the data.
    • It is a good idea to notify your supervisors of the Graduation dates early, so that they can plan accordingly.
    • 2023 Graduation dates:
    • July ceremonies will be held between Wednesday 26 – Friday 28 July 2023
    • December ceremonies will be held between Wednesday 13 – Tuesday 19 December 2022 (no weekend ceremonies).
    • Approximately two (2) to three (3) weeks prior to Graduations commencing, you will receive an email from the Graduations Events team, with a registration link to send on to your supervisor(s), so they register to join the Official Procession and be seated on stage during the ceremony.
    • Your supervisor(s) must use the link to register. If they require academic dress (regalia) to be hired, they will need to request this at registration (hire is complimentary for supervisors). If they have their own academic regalia, they must bring it on the day.
    • For those supervisors who cannot attend in-person, the live-stream link will also be shared
    • Please note that the Graduations Events team cannot assist with requests to change ceremonies, for additional guest tickets, or other enquiries relating to your ceremony. All enquiries must be submitted via askUWA.


  • Step 7: meeting course completion requirements
    • If you have not met your course requirements by Monday 10 July 2023, your application to graduate (in person or in absentia) will be moved.
    • Applications to attend an in-person ceremony, are moved to December 2023 ceremonies.
    • Applications to graduate in absentia, will be allocated to the next available monthly in absentia ceremony, as soon as course requirements have been met.
    • If you would like to review your graduation status, log in to StudentConnect and click the “Graduations” tab on the left


  • Attending graduands: information about the ceremony
    • On Monday 10 July 2023, you will receive an email that gives you all the event-specific information for the day, for both you and your guests. 
  • Once you have graduated: access to my equals
    • Once your award is conferred, you will be sent an email with how you can access your certificate and AHEGS statement via My eQuals
    • My eQuals gives you the ability to access all your tertiary credentials through your own secure online portal and share them with anyone you like, anywhere in the world.
    • It’s a secure and easy way for verification agencies, employers and recruitment professionals to receive and instantly verify your official tertiary credentials online.
    • My eQuals takes away the hassle of keeping physical copies of your credentials, making copies, getting them certified and posting them when applying for a job or further study. Everything is online and available anywhere, anytime.


  • Questions
    • Should you have any questions, please contact us via askUWA.
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