After you graduate

You can access your Pheme account for 12 months after graduating. This includes access to studentConnect, your email account and services such as CareersHub, which can support you through your transition from university to your career.

Joining your global graduate community

Upon conferral of your qualifications, you’ll automatically become a lifelong member of the Convocation of UWA Graduates. Visit the Convocation website to find out how our graduates continue to have a relationship with the University.

As an alumnus and member of Convocation, you will now realise the true value and potential of your time here. Worldwide, UWA has over 147,000 graduates – people who will be your mentors, collaborators and friends. Visit the New Grads section on the UWA Alumni website to find resources, upcoming events and information to help you get the most from your UWA community after graduation. .

Academic documents

You can order a range of official documents that can provide details or verification of your study at UWA. You’ll receive an original hard copy award certificate (testamur) at your ceremony (or posted if in absentia), as well as free, ongoing access to certified digital copies of your award certificate and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement via My eQuals. For more information about My eQuals, view the FAQs on askUWA.

Graduate Outcome Survey

Four months after graduating, you will receive the Graduate Outcomes Survey where you can have your say on your degree. This is your opportunity to improve outcomes for future students and a chance to win one of multiple $1000 prizes.


My eQuals

My eQuals gives you the ability to access all your tertiary credentials through your own secure online portal and share them with anyone you like, anywhere in the world. It’s a secure and easy way for verification agencies, employers and recruitment professionals to receive and instantly verify your official tertiary credentials online.


My eQuals takes away the hassle of keeping physical copies of your credentials, making copies, getting them certified and posting them when applying for a job or further study. Everything is online and available anywhere, anytime.



Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement

An Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS or Graduation Statement) is issued to all UWA graduands. This provides a description of the nature, level, context and status of the studies you pursued.

Its purpose is to assist in national and international recognition of Australian qualifications and to promote international mobility and professional recognition of graduates.

The statement complements and should be read in conjunction with your UWA Statement of Academic Record since it provides additional information about the course from which you are graduating.

The Graduation Statement is an initiative of the Commonwealth Government. Background information is available from the Department of Education and Training.

AHEGS were introduced in 2010 and are not available to graduates who completed their course prior to 16 November 2010.


  • What information is on the Graduation Statement?

    A UWA Graduation Statement conforms to nationally agreed specifications. It consists of five sections, plus certification, as follows:

    Section 1: The Graduate

    Section 2: The Award

    Section 3: Awarding Institution

    Section 4: Graduate’s Academic Achievements

    Section 5: Description of the Australian Higher Education System.

    The Graduation Statement is compiled to summarise information that is factual and relevant at the time. It is date-stamped to indicate the date of issue.

    Graduation statement: bachelor [PDF, 760.5 KB]
    Updated 14 May 2014

    Graduation statement: master's [PDF, 748.6 KB]
    Updated 14 May 2014

  • Will a Graduation Statement be issued to all graduands?

    Graduates who have completed the requirements for an award on or after 16 November 2010 will be eligible to receive a Graduation Statement.

  • When will I receive my Graduation Statement?

    You’ll receive a digital AHEGS via My eQuals free of charge. Academic digital documents issued via My eQuals are securely stored and available to you anytime and anywhere, saving you time and money.

    Once we’ve uploaded your documents, you'll receive an email notification with a registration link for you to activate your account. Follow the instructions to validate your account and you'll be able to view and share your documents with anyone, at any time, for however long you like.

    Digital AHEGS documents are available via My eQuals to students who graduated on or after June 2018.

  • What is the difference between the Graduation Statement and a Statement of Academic Record?

    A UWA Statement of Academic Record is a comprehensive statement of a student's academic history and any current enrolment details as at the date of issue. It can be issued at various stages of a student’s career. A Graduation Statement is only issued upon graduation with an award. Subsequent copies of the document will contain the same information as the original.

  • Will my fail/withdrawn units be on my Graduation Statement?

    Yes, all unit attempts contributing to the completed course are recorded on your Graduation Statement. This includes any failed or withdrawn units.

  • Will my grade point average (GPA) and weighted average mark (WAM) appear on my Graduation Statement?

    Yes, your GPA and WAM will appear on your Graduation Statement if you commenced your course in or after 2005. Formal GPAs and WAMs were not calculated prior to 2005. Visit askUWA for more information about GPAs and WAMs.

  • What if there is an error on my Graduation Statement?

    Every effort is made to ensure your Graduation Statement is correct. However, if you find an error, such as a misprint or missing information, please contact the Graduations team through askUWA. You will be required to return your original before you receive a replacement. We will not be able to act on any changes to your Graduation Statement until after the ceremony round is complete.

  • Will I receive two Graduation Statements if I was enrolled in a combined course?

    Yes, you will receive two Graduation Statements when you have completed and graduated from both awards.

  • Can I order additional copies of my Graduation Statement?

    Yes, you may order additional copies of your Graduation Statement from Student Central. Additional copies of the Graduation Statement will not be available to order until after graduation.

  • July 2023 Graduation Ceremony Photography
    July 2023 Graduation Ceremony Social Photography


    Social Photos

    Photos captured by UWA’s roaming photographer, before and after each ceremony, can be accessed via the link below.  

    There is no cost to access and download these images.


    Photo Booth

    Photos taken in the photo-booth (sponsored by UWA Alumni!) can be accessed via the link and password below.

    There is no cost to access and download these images.


    Secret Password: uwagradsjuly23 (case sensitive)


    Ceremony Stage Photograph

    Your stage photograph with the Chancellor (or Pro-Chancellor), captured by GFP, can be accessed via the link below.

    You can view and download a FREE digital copy of your stage photograph, by entering your student ID as voucher code at checkout.


Replacements and true copies of award certificates

True Copy of an award certificate

You are only able to have one original Degree Certificate. If you would like a copy of that certificate, you have the option of ordering a True Copy. This certificate does not bear the University’s graduation stamp but has a True Copy stamp that is acceptable on occasions when you do not wish to release your original certificate. To obtain a True Copy, refer to the form on the FAQs page. True Copies and replacements are sent by post.

Replacement of an award certificate

A replacement award certificate can be issued when your original certificate has been lost, stolen, destroyed, not received or damaged.

If you have simply mislaid your original certificate, you should order a True Copy as you are still in possession of the original certificate.

If your certificate has been damaged, you are not required to complete a statutory declaration form. In this case, complete the order form and return it with your original certificate.

To obtain a replacement certificate, refer to the form on our FAQs page.

Graduates residing overseas

Statutory declarations made outside Australia are required to be witnessed by an Australian consular official, a Justice or Notary Public under the law of that place, or anyone authorised to administer an oath or witness a statutory declaration in that place.

It is the responsibility of the graduand to carefully check course details when applying to graduate. The graduation emails and the apply to graduate portal reminds graduands of this as this information will be printed on the certificate. A conferred award is not usually amended retrospectively.

Replacement certificate for gender reassignment

To replace an award certificate due to gender reassignment, refer to the form on our FAQs page.

Award verification service

To assist third parties in verifying a graduate's UWA qualifications, the Award Verification Service provides a searchable database that confirms all qualifications received by a student. The database is comprehensive from 1985 onwards and contains a majority of the University's earlier graduate records dating back to 1917.


Graduation Programs from previous ceremonies

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December 2022 Graduation Ceremony Programs

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Check out our FAQs at askUWA or ask your own question.

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