Global Masters Program

University of Denver and The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA) and University of Denver (DU) have developed a relationship involving a range of academic partnerships across UWA’s Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education; Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences; and the Faculty of Science.

Through this partnership, UWA and DU are able to provide their students with the opportunity to study at both institutions to gain qualifications from each university. The programs currently available include a Global Masters Programs in Business Information and Logistics Management, Biological Science, Biotechnology, Engineering and Environmental Science.

Student degree pathway

  • Years 1, 2 and 3: Undergraduate study at DU
  • Year 4: Complete fourth year of undergraduate study at UWA as a Study Abroad student, after which you'll receive a bachelor’s degree from DU
  • Year 5: Study for a master’s degree from UWA

Available Global Masters Programs

Tuition and fees

For the fourth year of the program (the Study Abroad year), you’ll pay your fees to DU. For more information on cost of the Study Abroad year, refer to the DU UWA Global Masters brochure

For the fifth year of the program (the master’s degree year), you can work out the estimated tuition (in Australian dollars) using the UWA calculator. Keep in mind that the estimated amount listed is the annual cost for a two-year program, and only the single year (second year of the program) tuition fee is applicable to you.