Provisional Entry Scheme

The School of Indigenous Studies offers this scheme to assist Indigenous students to gain entry to an undergraduate degree at UWA.

Each year UWA offers places to Indigenous students who may not meet the required ATAR and are seeking entry to undergraduate degree courses through the School of Indigenous Studies’ Provisional Entry Scheme.

The Provisional Entry Scheme is competitive and applicants are ranked based on their education and/or employment background, interview and written assessment.

However, all students should have the prerequisites for the course for which they are applying e.g. WACE English for all degree courses or, if mature age, written assessment and evidence of considerable work experience.

The Aboriginal Student Selection Committee consisting of senior staff from Admissions, associate deans and faculty advisers from each faculty consider applicants recommended for entry by the School of Indigenous Studies. The committee makes the final decision and successful applicants are offered places through the standard Admissions process.

Entry categories