Use the table below, along with specific UWA course information, to work out whether your year 12 Tasmanian courses meet the prerequisites for your University course.

Course equivalents

WA course Tasmanian equivalent
  • English Communication (ENC) - SA or above
  • English Studies (ENS) - SA or above
  • English Writing (ENW) - SA or above
English as an Additional Language/Dialect

English as a Second Language (ESL) - SA or above

Mathematics 2C/2D

Mathematics Applied (MTA) - SA or above

Mathematics 3C/3D

Mathematical Methods (MTM) - SA or above

Mathematics: Specialist 3C/3D

Mathematics Specialised (MTS) - SA or above

Chemistry 3A/3B

Chemistry (CHM) - SA or above

Physics 3A/3B

Physics (PHY) - SA or above


Must be group C subjects.