US College Board AP Examinations

Students completing US College Board Advanced Placement (AP) subjects in conjunction with a recognised high school qualification are eligible for admission to UWA.

The University of Western Australia welcomes applications from students who have completed the AP program. To be admitted to the University, you must:

  • satisfy the University's English language competence requirement by satisfactory performance in one of the English subjects detailed in the table below
  • achieve a sufficient number of points to be offered a place
  • satisfy any prerequisite subject requirements for your chosen course and major

Minimum entry scores

AP students must meet equivalent entry standards to other applicants. The following table provides an overview of the points considered equivalent to various Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks.

Aggregate ATAR Equivalent
7 75
9 80
11 85
12 88
13 90
14 92
16 96
17 98
18 99
21 99.95


  1. The aggregate is calculated from the points.
  2. Only subjects with scores of 3 and above are counted. Fails are not included.
  3. A minimum of two subjects will be used in the calculation of the aggregate. There is no maximum limit to the number of subjects used in the calculation of the aggregate (subject to point 4).
  4. Subjects used in the calculation of the aggregate must be passed within a period of two consecutive academic years.
  5. Applicants must have passed a minimum of two AP subjects with the US College Board in conjunction with a recognised high school qualification.
  6. AP results must be US College Board examined and certified (AP subjects taken as part of the High School Diploma, without official College Board assessment and certification, will not be sufficient).

Equivalent subjects

The following table shows AP subject equivalents to WA Certificate of Education subjects, which will satisfy course and major prerequisites.

WCE Subject AP Equivalent
English English Language and Composition; 3 or higher
Literature English Literature and Composition; 3 or higher
Mathematics Applications No equivalent
Mathematics Methods Calculus AB; 3 or higher
Mathematics Specialist Calculus BC; 3 or higher
Chemistry Chemistry; 3 or higher

Physics 1 and 2; 3 or higher

Physics B; 3 or higher

Biology Biology; 3 or higher