Canadian Matriculation except Quebec

Each province and territory in Canada offers its own matriculation qualification.

The University of Western Australia welcomes applications from students who have completed high school or senior secondary programs (except Quebec). To be admitted to the University, you must:

  • satisfy the University's English language competence requirement by satisfactory performance in one of the English subjects detailed in the table below
  • achieve a sufficient number of points to be offered a place
  • satisfy any prerequisite subject requirements for your chosen course and major

Minimum entry scores

Canadian Matriculation students must meet equivalent entry standards to other applicants. The following table provides an overview of the points considered equivalent to various Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks.

Canadian Matriculation Points ATAR equivalent
68 75
70 80
75 85
78 88
80 90
82 92
85 94
89 96
93 98


  1. Applicants must have been awarded the High School Graduation Diploma or Secondary School Diploma (depending on the Province).
  2. Points average of 5 or 6 subjects in the final year/highest grade subjects/exams (if required for entry to university, depending on the Province or Territory).

Equivalent subjects

To satisfy course and major prerequisites, Canadian Matriculation subjects will require individual assessment for equivalents to WA Certificate of Education courses.