Bachelor of Psychology

A psychology degree that will prepare you for a diversity of careers and further study toward registration as a psychologist.

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Years Full-Time

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Scholarships are available to students from a diverse range of backgrounds, including academic achievement, financial need, educational disadvantage, leadership and community service, artistic or sporting achievements, and being from a rural or remote area.

Careers and further study

Career opportunities

Psychology is relevant to almost any human endeavour, which means a psychology degree, or some complementary psychology studies, are relevant not only for traditional psychology careers, but for a wide range of careers. For example, there are psychologists designing cockpits for NASA, computer software interfaces, personnel selection systems, or age-appropriate toys; psychologists develop market research strategies, or train people in a variety of settings.


The Honours program in Psychology aims to develop your skills in addressing advanced conceptual issues in psychology and integrating a broad range of research findings within central theoretical concepts.

Entry requirements

Admission Requirements

To be considered for this course you need to: 

  • Achieve the University’s minimum entry score
  • Demonstrate English language competence
  • Satisfy any prerequisites for your preferred majors (refer to individual major descriptions for prerequisite details)

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About the Bachelor of Psychology

The Bachelor of Psychology will help you develop a scientific understanding of human thoughts and behaviours, the psychological processes underlying these and the relationship of these processes to brain function. Additionally, students gain group experience conducting research, the application of psychology in business settings, as well as gain some understanding of Indigenous heritage, experience, and knowledge. It is a three-year undergraduate sequence in psychology, awarded accreditation by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

Bachelor of Psychology

Quick details

Degree specific majors
  • 1
  • Available
Minimum ATAR
  • 80
Course intake
  • Semester 1, Semester 2
Full time completion
  • 3 years full time
Course code
  • BP030
  • 107443F
Degree type
  • Specialised Bachelor's Degree
Campus location
  • UWA (Crawley campus)

What will I learn?

An undergraduate degree in psychology equips you with:

Specialist knowledge

  • Normal and abnormal development – How do psychological abilities develop through the lifespan and how are psychological processes affected by ageing, brain damage and disease?
  • Groups and organisations – How do our psychological abilities impact on relationships between people and groups in society? How do you optimise human performance in a work setting?
  • Cognition and perception – How do our brains interpret inputs from the world? How do we perceive, think, remember and make decisions?
  • Research methods – How do you measure psychological constructs such as intelligence, personality traits and social skills? How do you analyse data to make evidence-based decisions?
Psychology at UWA

Why study with us?

Psychology can take you anywhere and everywhere. Psychology is relevant to almost any human endeavour, meaning a psychology degree, or some complementary psychology studies, are relevant not only for traditional psychology careers, but for a wide range of careers.

Psychology at UWA

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Kathryn Somerville
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apac accredited

Course Accreditation

The Bachelor of Psychology is Accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) as a three-year psychology sequence.

Fees for psychology

From 2021, the following accredited programs are eligible for the Australian Government Professional Pathway funding rates (HECS band 2).

  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Psychology and Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Psychology and Bachelor of Commerce

While the Psychological and Behavioural Sciences major is also an accredited psychology course, different funding rates and fees apply (HECS band 4).

Becoming a psychologist

Begin your pathway to becoming a psychologist by selecting the Psychology extended major, available in the Bachelor of Psychology or the Psychological and Behavioural Sciences single major in the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. To continue your pathway to registration as a provisional psychologist, follow this with a fourth year of study with Honours in Psychology. You can then undertake further postgraduate study in your chosen area of psychology to complete the studies required as part of registration.