Bachelor of Marine Science

Seek solutions to the threats facing our marine and coastal environments.

Minimum ATAR
Years Full-Time

Careers and further study

Career opportunities

A degree in can lead to careers such as:

  • Marine scientist 
  • Marine biologist  
  • Marine environmental consultant 
  • Coastal planner 
  • Marine conservationist 
  • Oceanographer 

Further study

Entry requirements

Admission requirements

To be considered for this course you need to: 

  • achieve the University’s minimum entry score
  • demonstrate English language competence
  • satisfy any prerequisites for your preferred majors (refer to individual major descriptions for prerequisite details)

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About the Bachelor of Marine Science

The Bachelor of Marine Science offers the full breadth of the marine science discipline, combining knowledge of marine life with a solid understanding of the physical environment across all levels of biological organisation. You will learn about the complex interactions that occur in marine ecosystems and how to manage these systems in a changing world through lectures, laboratory exercises and field excursions.

This degree at UWA is the ultimate multi- and inter-disciplinary learning experience that will provide you with the skills highly valued and sought after by employers around the world and leads you to clear choices in a master’s degree.

Why study Marine Science at UWA?

  1. UWA is ranked 2nd in Australia and 37th in the world in Earth and Marine Sciences (QS 2021) and has brand new facilities and resources unique to Australia that are used across our marine studies.
  2. This degree at UWA is the ultimate multi- and inter-disciplinary learning experience and leads you to clear choices in a master's degree.
  3. The specific skills and knowledge developed and demonstrated by graduates are highly valued by employers and will make you highly competitive in the job market.
Bachelor of Marine Science

Quick details

Degree specific majors
  • 1
  • Available 2022
  • 80
  • Semester 1, Semester 2
  • 3 Years Full-Time
  • BP023
  • Specialised Bachelor's Degree
  • UWA (Crawley campus)

Research aims to preserve the future of Ningaloo Reef corals

Researchers scuba diving and taking samples of corals at Ningaloo Reef
Student story

Ashley Marino

Student story
Ashley Marino
Alumni story

Asha de Vos

Alumni story
Asha de Vos

Fieldwork in Science

Students on a boat in Elizabeth Quay

Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) helps bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing opportunities for students to gain hands-on, practical industry relevant experience and for employers to help shape the graduates of tomorrow.

Develop your employability skills through a science work placement. The following units are available to all science undergraduate students who are looking to gain practical hands-on industry relevant experience:


Rare pictures uncover diverse marine life at Ningaloo Reef

Marine researchers on a boat in the Ningaloo Reef
Ranked 3rd in Australia and 22nd in the world for Oceanography (ARWU 2020)
Ranked 2nd in Australia and 37th in the world for Earth and Marine Sciences (QS 2021)

UWA Oceans Institute

Research boat on the ocean

The UWA Oceans Institute brings together the University’s multidisciplinary research strengths across areas including oceanography, ecology, engineering, resource management and governance to address key ocean challenges.


The Ocean Institute’s mission is to draw on our world-leading marine research to tackle issues of national and global significance. We are uniquely placed to provide ocean solutions to real-world challenges, through the breadth and depth of our marine expertise, our state-of-the-art facilities and geographic reach.

Visit the Oceans Institute website



Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre

Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre

Purpose-built collaborative facility for marine science and ocean engineering research.


The Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre (IOMRC) provides innovative and effective solutions to challenges facing the world's oceans. Built for the UWA Oceans Institute, the IOMRC brings together more than 300 marine scientists across disciplines including biodiversity, fishing, tourism, Indigenous engagement, climate change, oceanography and conservation.

Visit the IOMRC webpage