Further study

Employers are increasingly seeking postgraduate qualifications from prospective employees. At UWA, there is a number of postgraduate study options you can pursue.

After completing one of our undergraduate degrees, you’ll have the chance to seek employment, continue your study path with a postgraduate coursework degree or pursue a research pathway beginning with honours – or, for BPhil (Hons) graduates – direct entry to a master’s degree or doctorate.

Graduate certificate

A graduate certificate typically takes six months full-time to complete and broadens the skills and knowledge you have already gained from an undergraduate degree. You could also study a graduate certificate to develop your skills in a whole new area.

Graduate diploma

This generally takes a year of full-time study to complete. The graduate diploma is designed for you to develop knowledge and skills in an area you haven’t studied before. 

Master’s degree

Master’s degrees vary in their delivery and can include research, coursework or a combination of both. These degrees enhance your skillset and provide a deeper level of understanding of a topic. 

Professional postgraduate degree 

These are designed for those who have a specific career pathway in mind and would like to take postgraduate study to achieve their desired career. See our Direct Pathways page for more information.

Why study a postgraduate degree?


Intellectual reward

Postgraduate study is intellectually stimulating, personally rewarding and offers you the chance to pursue a specialised area of interest.


Enhanced career success and learning

Postgraduate qualifications mean you are more likely to get promoted into higher paid positions.


A new career direction

Yearning for a change of direction? Further study can open the doors to exciting and novel pathways.


Transferable skills

You will further develop analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills that are highly valued by employers.