Course Guides

The UWA Course Guides outline the requirements for, and structure and duration of, all UWA undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

As well as admission details and employment prospects for each course, the guides provide general information about our campuses, the services available for students, such as college housing, and the broader UWA experience. 

These PDFs are the full version of our hard copy documents, but the same information in an HTML format can be found across our Future Students website, where you can browse through all courses or search for specific study options. 



2020 Undergraduate Course Guide [PDF, 4.5MB]

2020 A Quick Guide for High School Students [PDF, 4.4MB]


2019 International Undergraduate Course Guide [PDF, 5.5MB]

2019-2020 International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Mini Guide [PDF, 3.3MB]



2019 STEM Knowledge Area Guide [PDF, 4.8 MB]

2019 Organisations and Commercial Enterprise Knowledge Area Guide [PDF, 9.8MB]

2019 Architecture and Creative Arts Knowledge Area Guide [PDF, 2.7MB]

2019 Biomedical and Health Sciences Knowledge Area Guide [PDF, 3.5MB]

2019 Law Society and Culture Knowledge Area Guide [PDF, 4.3MB]

2019 Education Knowledge Area Guide [PDF, 2.1MB]


2019 International Postgraduate Course Guide [PDF, 6.8MB]

For a full range of International Student publications, refer to the 'For Agents' section of the Future Students website.