Unpacking Texts and Producing Resources in the English Classroom

The micro-credential explores the process of teaching fiction and non-fiction texts, from initial teacher reading to classroom delivery.

Through a series of lectures, interviews, workshops and activities, participants will investigate different reasons for selecting texts for study and consider how to structure student learning for the classroom and online.

The micro-credential will model effective teacher practice demonstrating text selection, syllabus and concept identification, learning structures and activity sequencing, and discuss methods of measuring students' skills, knowledge and progress.

This micro-credential will provide participants with opportunities and support to develop their own teaching and learning resources, will be mapped against the AITSL standards and will be led by educators with extensive experience in producing resources for the classroom and for publication. It is supported by research jointly conducted by UWA English and Literary Studies and the English Teachers' Association of WA.

Upon successful completion of this micro-credential, you'll receive:

  • Two PD Points
  • A Certificate of Achievement
  • A UWA Plus Professional Development Transcript, listing all successfully completed micro-credentials
Delivery mode
Holiday Intensive: Face-to-face and online
In this delivery of the unit we will meet each day for a 2 hour tutorial. It is a great chance to immerse yourself in the content of the course, as well as the UWA campus during the school holidays. This face-to-face delivery allows you to meet and collaborate with other students and establish networks to take you into the teaching year. For those not located in Perth there is the option to join the classes online and participate with the unit during the scheduled times. All lectures and readings will be available before the beginning of the class week, but tutorial discussions will keep pace with the unit outline in classes so that you can watch and read as we progress if that is your preference.
Course date
16 April 2023
Application close
9 April 2023
On-campus component: 3 days
Total effort - 50 hours. Both online and on-campus include
  • Seminar 6 x 2hrs over 3 days
  • 1 hour recorded mini-lectures per seminar
  • Reading/Reflective activities - 0.5 hour
  • Assessment
  • How does it work
    Assessment comprises of portfolio tasks and one final assignment
    Academic lead
    Professor Tanya Dalziell
    $440 inc. GST
    Critical information summary
    ENGLM506 Unpacking Texts and Producing Resources in the English Classroom [PDF 246KB]

    What you'll learn

    Participants will be able to:

    Interpret educational frameworks produced in varied cultural and historical contexts with sensitivity to the pedagogical theories, curriculum significance, and disciplinary impact

    Evaluate and make use of critical scholarship in the discipline of English Literary Studies and English Curriculum Studies

    Clearly express ideas, examples and arguments in appropriate written and oral forms

    Deploy skills of critical analysis and independent critical reasoning

    Critically and positively reflect upon own professional practice

    Evaluate established and new theories of learning and model best practice as a way to improve own performance


    Why study this course?

    Unpacking Texts and Producing Resources in the English Classroom reinforces teacher knowledge of educational concepts, curriculum structures and English pedagogy. The micro-credential is supported by the English Teachers Association of Western Australia and is informed by research from The Big Picture Project, a joint UWA/ETAWA project. This micro-credential is one in a series designed to support English teachers and is aligned with the AITSL standards.

    Who should study this course?

    • Secondary teachers looking to upskill their knowledge and experience of teaching English in the classroom

    Recommended prior knowledge

    • Recognised teaching degree

    What's next after this course?

    There is a suite of UWA Plus micro-credentials designed for teaching secondary English. Find all the options under 'Education' on the UWA Plus page. You may also be interested in finding out more about Humanities Postgraduate Courses or the Master of Education. If you have successfully completed UWA Plus micro-credentials to a total of 6 PD Points you may be eligible for credit when commencing one of these courses.

    Two micro-credentials are also available during the Summer Intensive 16-21 January 2023 - ENGLM501 Teaching Poetry: From Anon to AI and ENGLM504 Teaching Historical Fiction. These three micro-credentials will be scheduled so that you are able to enrol in and complete one, two or three of these courses over the 6 day Summer Intensive.

    Micro-credentials for English Teachers offered at other times include ENGLM502 Professional Reading for English Teachers and ENGLM503 Programming and Planning for Subject English. See the UWA Plus page for more details.


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