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Mid Year Entry

<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">Mid-year entry now open </span>

Continuing your studies with a postgrad degree is the perfect way to learn the in-demand skills that employers are looking for and give yourself a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

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  • examination notice - Rules for Examplify

    Unwell and unable to sit the exam before the exam starts

    If you are feeling sick prior to starting your exam, do not start the exam in Examplify, as this will register your intention to sit the exam and you may not be eligible to apply for special consideration. Consult a medical practitioner as soon as you can for a supporting letter and apply for a deferred exam via special consideration.

    Unwell during exam

    If you are feeling sick during your exam and feel you are too sick to continue, stop working on your exam and click the blue ‘Finish’ tab at the bottom right-hand side of the exam. On the following screen, click on the check box and press the green ‘Submit Exam’ tab. Consult a medical practitioner as soon as you can for a supporting letter and apply for a deferred exam via special consideration.

    Error or comment on exam paper

    If you have a question or comment about the exam paper or would like to alert your unit coordinator to a perceived error, select the notes box and type in your comments. You must click the checkbox ‘Request Feedback’ within the notes box to indicate you want feedback from your unit coordinator. Include a comment in your working, if appropriate, to indicate how you interpreted the question. If applicable, your comments may be taken into account when marking. No action can be taken during the exam. You are advised to answer to the best of your ability and are assured that you will not be disadvantaged if there is an error on the question paper.

    Food and water

    Only water in a transparent bottle without a label is permitted. Food cannot be consumed during the exam unless you have been authorised to do so.

    Leaving the exam for any reason

    You must not complete and submit the exam or leave your desk during the first hour of the exam. Toilet breaks are not permitted in exams with a duration of one hour or less.

    If you need to temporarily leave the exam while it is in progress due to extenuating circumstances, the exam timeframe will not change as the exam clock doesn’t stop. You will still only have until the normal exam finish time to complete the exam.

    Timer and alarm

    A timer is visible throughout the exam. An alarm will alert you five minutes before the end of the exam.

    Exam time

    The exam file will be visible for the published duration of the exam on the timetable after which the exam will automatically close. If you complete the exam early, click the blue ‘Finish’ tab at the bottom right-hand side of the exam and then, on the following screen, click on the checkbox and press the green ‘Submit Exam’ tab. If you have trouble submitting your Examplify exam file after the exam, call (+61 8) 6488 1212 immediately.

    Some Examplify exams will require you to upload your handwritten working to LMS within a defined time window after you have pressed the ‘Submit Exam’ tab or at the formal end of the exam (whichever comes first). Only submissions made and documents uploaded in the allocated time will be marked. If you have trouble submitting your answer sheet to the LMS submission point, call (+61 8) 6488 1212 immediately.

    Permitted items

    You may only use material which is permitted for your exam. Items such as hats, caps, earplugs and headphones are not permitted in the exam.

    Starting the exam

    When you are presented with the screen with an orange border which states ‘Do Not Start Until Instructed’, click ‘Continue’ at the scheduled start time of your exam.

    Agreement to abide by exam rules

    By selecting the next button you certify that: 

    • You understand that disciplinary action will be taken against you by the University if you do not comply with the University policies relating to examinations. This action may result in you being deprived of any credit for this examination or even, in some cases, for the whole unit.
    • You have not sighted the examination paper in this unit before or been in contact with anyone who has already seen the examination paper.
    • The answers submitted will be your own original work, and that all material drawn from other sources will be fully acknowledged where required.

      • For closed book exams, you will not refer to any sources while completing this exam
      • For open book exams, you will only refer to and rely upon materials permitted by the rules for this exam
    • No part of this assessment will be written for you, provided to you by a third party, or will be completed as a result of a third party assisting you.
    • You will take proper and reasonable care to prevent this work from being copied by another student.
    • You will not assist other students in completion of this assessment, except where collaboration is explicitly authorised by the unit coordinator.
    • You will not reproduce, capture, record or share any questions from this exam.
    • You understand that plagiarism is the presentation of the work, ideas or creation of another person as though it is your own, and is a serious academic offence.
    • You have read and understood and agree to abide by the University Policies on AssessmentAcademic ConductStudent Conduct and the University Charter of Student Rights.
  • EXAMINATION NOTICE - Rules for open LMS Assessment or Examinations organised by School.

    Please refer to the unit LMS page for the exam rules. 

  • Toilet breaks
    Students are not permitted to leave an examination venue or complete and submit an online examination until after the end of the duration of the examination (2 hours). Toilet breaks are not permitted in the first 30 minutes and the last hour of any two-hour examination.
  • Chaplaincy

  • What is a chaplain?

  • Spiritual life

We’re committed to supporting you with a diversity of cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds and aim to promote interfaith conversation and collaboration wherever possible. We have staff from Anglican, Catholic and Islamic backgrounds who can offer pastoral support to students and staff.

Pastoral support does not assume a religious background. A conversation might be quite informal. Many people find that through the process of pastoral support, they gain clarity on problems and discern new possibilities. Pastoral support might include conversations about grief and loss, life direction, relationships or choice of studies.

A chaplain can provide you with compassion, care and listening. Our services are available for all students, regardless of your religious or non-religious affiliation.

Support you can receive includes:

  • pastoral care
  • help making life direction/vocational decisions
  • help with issues of interpretation of sacred texts, such as the Bible
  • fostering a lifelong exploration in spirituality
  • contributing to community building, equity, justice and peace-making on the UWA campuses and colleges
  • having a neutral person in the reconciliation of conflict (restorative justice)
  • encouraging interfaith relationships to combat ignorance, build shared understanding and build peace

UWA chaplains also assist in their church communities and the wider community off-campus. In addition to our chaplains, we have many other supportive and spiritually respectful groups, including Guild clubs and societies.

Our chaplains can also help you work through spiritual questions and we can make referrals to relevant religious communities, on-campus faith groups and prayer services. Your spiritual life includes finding what it takes to make a difference, to be part of a community, to be the change you want to see, and even to be able to see it in the first place.

It also includes big-picture philosophical and theological concerns, such as:

  • your values
  • the vision for life that you are prepared to live for
  • whom you trust and how you know
  • your measures of integrity and identity
  • what motivates you and brings you meaning and purpose
  • where joy comes from

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Uploading Documents to Sitecore (SXA and Classic)

The video covers uploading new documents (PDFs) and overwriting existing documents.

Documents in Sitecore (Video)
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