Dr Raquel Bra Núñez

Started at UWA: 2019

Spanish teacher with a passion for linguistics, communication and literature

To learn a new language it is essential to practise and not be afraid of making mistakes.Dr Raquel Bra Núñez

Dr Raquel Bra Núñez is a visiting professor, Spanish teacher and lecturer at the UWA School of Humanities, specialising in Spanish language, Spanish literature, Latin American literature and foreign language teaching. Raquel completed her tertiary studies in her hometown, A Coruña, a city of Galicia in Spain. As a qualified educator, she has taught people of all ages in academia, secondary schools and tertiary institutions. 

Her love of the Spanish language, culture and literature, as well as her passion for linguistics and communication, stems from her undergraduate studies in Hispanic Philology. Since her first introduction into the realm of language, Raquel knew that she wanted to work in teaching. She considers teaching a two-way street, she loves imparting knowledge to the next generation of critical thinkers as well as learning from her students as they challenge her with questions. 

After completing her master’s in Spanish Teaching and PhD in Spanish Literature, she moved to Western Australia and commenced her role as a lecturer in Spanish at UWA, teaching Spanish at all levels.  Raquel was drawn to UWA as it is the only university in Western Australia that offers courses in Spanish, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. She also collaborates with the Spanish Embassy in Australia and is responsible for organising dissemination activities of Spanish culture in Perth. 

  • PhD in Spanish Literature (Universidade da Coruña, Spain)
  • MA Spanish Teaching as Second Language (UNED, Spain)

Discipline areas:

  • Spanish language
  • Spanish literature
  • Latin American literature
  • Foreign language teaching 




Dr Raquel Bra Núñez enjoys facilitating Spanish learning in her classes, creating a comfortable and error-friendly environment to cultivate interesting, motivational and fun student learning experiences.

She teaches the following: 

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