Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Uncovering the pre-modern world and its modern afterlife

Medieval and early modern studies promotes excellence in the research and understanding of the world between the 4th and 18th centuries from a variety of perspectives. This diverse field encourages delving into areas such as history, literature, music, fine arts, performance, trade, philosophy and archaeology.

Our primary research mission is to create new models of collaborative interdisciplinary enquiry within medieval and early modern studies. We apply this mission to the investigation of large-scale research about the development of pre-modern societies and cultures and their significance for Australia's development.

Our researchers operate a range of projects in partnership with leading scholars, centres and cultural institutions worldwide.

Projects highlights

This is a selection of our current Medieval and Early Modern Studies research projects. We welcome students interested in a PhD to discuss other research project ideas with us. PhD students can craft their own ideas under the supervision of experts within a range of disciplines. Contact the Director of the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Kirk Essary, at [email protected] if you wish to undertake research in this field.

Our collaborators

From staging readings of dramatic texts at the New Fortune Theatre, to collaborating with schoolchildren on projects, we work with theatre companies and private art curators to help groups grow their knowledge of the medieval and early modern eras. We also work with local communities to create historic festivals about their pasts.

In the past, we have collaborated with:

  • National Trust (WA)
  • WA Museum Associate
  • Professor Julian Partridge


Courses you may be interested in

Contact Dr Kirk Essary

Director, Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies