Translation and Transcultural Research Cluster

About us

The Translation and Transcultural Research Cluster was established five years ago when a Master of Translation Studies was introduced at UWA. Our main purpose is to achieve international research excellence in the cross-disciplinary field of translation and transcultural studies in order to advance the understanding of social and cultural issues of contemporary significance, such as translation and multilingualism, transcultural identity construction and communication.

Our goals

  1. Create a research environment to complement and enhance translation and transcultural studies.
  2. Provide a platform for intra-school and intra-faculty research collaboration within UWA by drawing on a well-informed interest in languages, and on research and teaching expertise in study areas such as:
  3. Provide a forum for proactive research and teaching collaborations with world-class universities and centres in the field, such as the Institute of Translation Studies, Zhejiang University; the Department of Translation and Interpretation, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing; the Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies, University of Auckland; and other Translation and Transcultural Studies within the World Universities Network (WUN).
  4. Attract scholars and HDR students by providing expertise in various aspects of the field.
  5. Attract research income from internal and external stakeholders, including professional organisations and translation and interpreting practitioners.
  6. Establish UWA as a leading research and teaching centre of translation and transcultural studies as a cross-disciplinary field in Australia.

Community engagement and research projects

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