Translation and Transcultural Research


Learning how languages help us communicate and live across borders and cultures


Examining how societies and cultures are affected by migration, translation, multilingualism, cultural identity and communication is vital in learning how languages help us communicate across borders and cultures. The Translation and Transcultural Research Cluster aims to advance our understanding of these areas and issues, promoting research collaboration between facilities and schools.

We encourage proactive research and teaching collaborations with world-class universities and centres in the field, both locally and internationally. Our cluster offers seminars and symposiums, links with professional translators, and welcomes visiting fellows from across the world to share their research in this field.

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Asian Studies

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Classics and Ancient History

This covers the study of Latin and Ancient Greek, as well as the literature, history, art and archaeology of these ancient civilisations, and their contributions to the modern world.

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English and Literary Studies

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European Languages and Studies

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Indigenous Studies

Our aim is to achieve excellence and equity in all aspects of higher education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Gnalla Moorditj Bullargar - we are stronger together.


Language is at the core of what it means to be human and is is central to how we interact with others in our lives.

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Related courses

PhD opportunities


We invite students to complete their PhD in Translation and Transcultural Research in areas as broad as:

  • comparative analysis of translations across languages and times
  • bilingual or multilingual research projects in European, Asian and Indigenous languages
  • theory and practice of language and immigration
  • social aspects of transculturalism
  • theory and practice of literary translation
  • machine translation
  • poetry translation in a multitude of languages

Knowledge of languages other than English, or interest in theoretical and practical aspects of transcultural contact and communication, is a prerequisite for this PhD.

For more information on PhD opportunities, contact Professor Hélène Jaccomard at [email protected]


Our staff

With a wealth of professional translation experience, our staff are highly esteemed teachers and researchers whose work represents the frontier of translation studies.
Dr Dale Adams

Dr Dale Adams is a lecturer in German language, literature and culture and Deputy Head of the School of Humanities (Teaching and Learning).

Dr Adams is passionate about German language, culture, history and literature and is deeply convinced of their value, both across the humanities and in mathematics and science.

 Dale Adams
Dr Anna Gadd

Dr Anna Gadd is a Lecturer at UWA’s School of Humanities and an expert in foreign languages.

Dr Gadd's teaching is an innovative research-driven approach that creates networks among UWA and other national and international universities, and between UWA and the wider Western Australian community. 

 Dr Anna Gadd
Dr Paul Gibbard

Dr Paul Gibbard is a Senior Lecturer, European Languages and Cultures in the School of Humanities.

Dr Gibbard's research lies mainly in the area of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century French literature and intellectual history and he is also interested the history of the French exploration of Australia.

 Dr Paul Gibbard
Professor Hélène Jaccomard

Professor Hélène Jaccomard is a researcher, lecturer and literary critic in UWA’s School of Humanities. Her work aims to expand and challenge students and others to embrace a variety of cultures and thoughts.

Her current academic work is dedicated to translating a play by French author, Yasmina Reza.

 Professor Helene Jaccomard
Professor John Kinder

Professor John Kinder is an internationally recognised linguist, professor and author, with a focus on understanding how language fits with culture. Underpinning his career is a strong focus on digitising education, historic texts and databases for future generations to access, learn from and understand language.

He is now studying the presence of Italian as a language of communication in Australia before the mass migration of the 1950s.

 Professor John Kinder
Professor Alexandra Ludewig

Professor Alexandra Ludewig, Head of the School of Humanities at The University of Western Australia, is a scholar of German and European Studies.

Her teaching and research focus on issues of identity and ‘Heimat’ and she has published extensively in both German and English on these topics. 

 Professor Alexandra Ludewig

Interested in collaborating with us?


We invite collaborators with research and teaching expertise in the following areas to submit proposals for research collaborations:

  • Translation Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • English and Cultural Studies
  • European Languages and Studies
  • Indigenous Languages
  • Linguistics
  • Sociology
  • Natural Language
  • Computer Sciences
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Contact Professor Hélène Jaccomard, European Languages and Studies