Equity outreach

The Equity Outreach programs provide broad-based, early intervention outreach and an admission entry pathway for students of high potential but limited means and opportunity.

Fairway UWA is an admission entry pathway to UWA for students completing Year 12 under difficult circumstances. Open to WA students who face challenging circumstances in demonstrating their academic potential, the program offers support with Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) studies and university aspirations.

Students who complete the program are eligible for a placement offer up to 10 points below UWA’s usual admission cut-off. Fairway UWA maintains ongoing contact with students who enrol at UWA, providing academic and social support, and career counselling.

Aspire UWA is a nationally recognised widening participation program working with 63 partner schools in Perth and regional Western Australia to raise aspirations for higher education. Students engage in on-campus, in-school and community-based activities. Younger students explore different disciplinary areas, while older students enhance their academic achievement through study skills and motivational workshops.

Our Student Ambassadors (current UWA students) are a vital component of both programs. Many participated in Aspire or Fairway activities during high school and are able to closely relate to high school students and share recent experiences of the journey from high school to university. By providing a role model, ambassadors help students see they too can aspire to tertiary education.

The Equity Outreach programs work closely with the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences' choose medicine...choose dentistry Rural and Broadway Pathways and with the School of Indigenous Studies' outreach programs.