Broadening your knowledge

Broadening your study at undergraduate level ensures you’re a well-rounded graduate, giving you a global perspective that prepares you for success in a changing and increasingly international workplace

Our flexible course structure allows you to combine your personal interests and career goals. The addition of broadening units means you’ll add a valuable dimension to your studies that will be highly sought after by prospective employers.

How does it work?

Broadening units are a requirement of all five bachelor’s degrees and provide you with knowledge beyond the fields in which you choose to specialise. Broadening units fall into two categories, A and B.

You’ll need to take four broadening units, of which:

  • at least two must be outside the knowledge area of your degree-specific major
  • at least one of the following types of Category A broadening units (up to two Category A broadening units may be undertaken from within the knowledge area of your degree-specific major):
    • a unit with its main focus on aspects of the globalised and culturally diverse environment
    • a LOTE (Language other than English) unit
    • a unit offered by the School of Indigenous Studies
    • a unit undertaken as part of an approved UWA Study Abroad or Student Exchange program for credit and that is wholly taught by and undertaken at the host institution
    • a University-approved unit with mathematics and/or statistical theory as its core teaching content

Category B comprises an extensive range of units from any discipline outside the knowledge area of your degree-specific major (subject to meeting unit prerequisites).

Units studied as part of a second major chosen from another degree can count towards your Category A and/or B broadening requirements.