Research at UWA

UWA is proud to be a research-intensive university, operating more than 75 research and training centres.

Over the years, we’ve continued to attract high-calibre, globally recognised staff, researchers and students, including our Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall.

Located in the time zone with the largest proportion of the world's population, UWA has built strong collaborative links with other universities, research institutes, businesses and governments all over the world.

Closer to home, we are engaged in the Square Kilometre Array, host the largest centrifuge in the Southern Hemisphere, provide access to outstanding microscopy and characterisation facilities, and contribute to the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.

UWA has identified a number of strategic research areas, including:

  • Living sustainably in a fragile, ancient environment
  • Sustaining our food production and food quality
  • Developing our natural resources for the common good
  • Furthering human knowledge through creativity and culture
  • Advancing data-intensive science
  • Advancing our health and wellbeing
  • Understanding Australia's place in a globalised world
  • Enhancing long-term living standards
  • Investing in Indigenous knowledge to transform and build sustainable futures

These areas have been prioritised to ensure our researchers are seeking solutions to key world issues and working to develop a positive future.

We are excited by the opportunities our location, staff, students and facilities afford us as we work towards realising our aim of being a world leader in cutting-edge research.