Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education

Understanding humanity’s cultures, societies, institutions and environments

The Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education draws together disciplines central to understanding humanity’s cultures, societies, institutions and environments. The Faculty houses world-leading expertise across numerous fields, including business, design, education, humanities, law, music and social sciences.

We pride ourselves on our global reputation for outstanding research and teaching quality, our exemplary commitment to a collaborative and interdisciplinary culture, and our vibrant academic environment.

Our vision is to:

  • engage in research on the critical questions
  • enrich through knowledge and understanding
  • transform through the power of education

First ARC Centre of Excellence ever awarded to the Arts (Centre for the History of Emotions)

100 years of Arts and Social Sciences at UWA

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Home of the Chair of Australian History, the Chair of Australian Literature and three Chairs in Rock Art Studies

Welcome from Executive Dean, Professor Matthew Tonts

Our schools

Business School

Inspiring students to become the leaders of tomorrow

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Conservatorium of Music

Transforming individuals to release their full creative potential

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Graduate School of Education

Preparing for the classroom with firsthand experience

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Law School

Achieving international excellence in legal education and research

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School of Design

Fostering innovation and collaboration between creative disciplines

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School of Humanities

Building enduring skills in critical thinking, communicating and influencing

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School of Social Sciences

Understanding the world around us and what our future holds

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Our courses

We offer the broadest selection of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at UWA, with more than 100 options to choose from.

At an undergraduate level, you can study a degree-specific (first) major within the Bachelor of Arts, Commerce or Philosophy (Honours), or as a second major with the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

For postgraduate study, we offer coursework and research courses and training in a variety of disciplines, including professional degrees that, upon successful completion, qualify you to enter a specific profession.

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Our research

With a focus on excellence and impact, our research brings together some of our greatest minds to ask the important questions in life. We generate valuable research that impacts and improves lives both nationally and internationally.

We support researchers throughout their careers, from PhD students and early career researchers, to award-winning professors and Australian Research Council Laureate Fellows.

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Music events

Each year the Conservatorium of Music presents a packed program of more than 200 stimulating performances and events. We showcase the immense talent of our young emerging artists and their mentors, our celebrated alumni and our community and industry partners. There’s something for everyone, so come along to be delighted and inspired.

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