Oceans Graduate School

Providing innovative and effective solutions for the challenges facing the world’s oceans

The Oceans Graduate School engages in fundamental and applied research to find solutions for the critical issues facing our oceans, coasts and estuaries. Our School comprises state-of-the-art facilities around Western Australia used for world-class marine research to investigate the ocean.

The issues facing our oceans are complex and our School gives students not just the scientific knowledge they require, but the technology, resources and community involvement that is essential for the future. We provide students with a science-based education and the know-how to form strong policy and governance, which creates a team of leaders ready to confront global issues. Our flagship course, the Master of Ocean Leadership, centres on tackling real threats our oceans face and provides graduates with the skills to lead multidisciplinary projects across the Indian Ocean.

Our research

The Oceans Graduate School engages with partners around the world, including other universities, governments and research institutions, so more can be done to better our oceans and ensure a healthy future for our population.

The Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre (IOMRC) at UWA was built to house the research our School undertakes with partners such as the CSIRO, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Fisheries Division of the Department of Primary Industries, and Regional Development Western Australia.

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Our courses

Master of Ocean Leadership

The Master of Ocean Leadership combines science, engineering, law and environmental management to create a thorough course tackling the challenges our oceans face and finding ways to improve the future of our seas.

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Micro-credentials are short professional qualifications that demonstrate your skills, knowledge and experience in a given subject area. These qualifications can be completed as a one-off or you can stack them up towards a higher qualification. Complete a micro-credential to improve your employability and future career outcomes.

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Multidisciplinary research centres

ARC Research Hub for Offshore Floating Facilities

The Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Offshore Floating Facilities (OFFshore ITRH) is a multi-disciplinary research initiative jointly funded by industry and the Australian Research Council. OFFshore ITRH are collaborating on the critical engineering challenges faced by offshore oil and gas projects by creating improved design and operating procedures. The team are based at the University of Western Australia, with nodes at Western Sydney University and The University of Southampton.

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Albany Wave Energy Research Centre

The Wave Energy Research Centre (WERC) in Albany, Western Australia, was built to look at ways we can generate renewable energy from our oceans on an industrial scale.

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Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems

The Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems (COFS) is a world-leading research facility used to examine offshore geomechanics and engineering.

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ARC Centre for Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies undertakes world-best integrated research for sustainable use and management of coral reefs.

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Industry partners

The Oceans Graduate School has a range of partnerships with local, national and international organisations and bodies.

Partners include:
  • The Australian Institute of Marine Science
  • The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
  • The West Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI)
  • Ningaloo Alliance
  • The Pawsey Super Computing Centre
  • ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies
  • Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS)

The Oceans Graduate School also collaborates with nine international universities and institutes involved in ocean research.

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