Archaeology, Forensics and Rock Art Experimental Farm

Master key techniques used in field work

The UWA Experimental Farm helps students master key disciplinary techniques used in archaeology, forensics and the study of rock art. Try your hand at every stage of the archaeological and forensic process, from flying drones, to getting to grips with metal detectors and curating artefacts to museum standard.

Located at UWA’s Perth campus, the outdoor space mimics real-life archaeological scenarios and includes environments such as a rock art shelter, an excavation area and forensics mock-up. The forensics mock-up offers hands-on experience on a simulated dig site where students use tools to professionally measure and excavate buried items.

The farm also features a pigment-making area for understanding how paints were used across rock art and artefacts, and a stone-knapping station where students create and take home tools to use and analyse later in class.

The Experimental Farm gives students the opportunity to turn theory into practice – a major asset for budding archaeologists and forensic scientists looking for a competitive employment advantage. It is primarily used for fieldwork units in the Archaeology undergraduate major and related Forensics units, but is also accessible to members of the public who take Archaeology’s Summer School program.

Rock art shelter

Excavation area

Forensics mock-up

Flying drones

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