A safe community

Keeping our community safe

UWA is committed to ensuring all students, and staff, can work and study in a safe and inclusive environment. This includes having Help Points at several locations on campus and a 24/7 security service.

How can I contribute to a safer UWA community?

Get skilled

Build the practical skills to call out disrespectful or unsafe behaviour by attending Step Up Bystander Training or Mental Health First Aid Training.

Speak up

Discuss any health or safety concerns with your Guild President or Guild Department Representatives, or report them to UWA Security.

Celebrate success

Nominate your favourite project for a Safer Communities Award. Read more and nominate for an award below. 

Collaborating makes our community safer

The Safer Communities Working Group was established in 2016 in response to the report by Australian Human Rights Commission. It exists to build a safe, inclusive and supportive campus culture at UWA. Both staff and students are members of the Working Group and come from across the University, including College Row and the Guild.

Areas of focus include:

  • Policy
  • Process and reporting
  • Environmental and structural measures
  • Prevention and cultural change
  • Support services
  • Communications

The Safer Communities Working Group 2020 Report outlines the initiatives aimed at preventing and responding to safety concerns and concerning behaviour at UWA.

Download report [PDF, 1.2MB]

If you’d like to find out more about the Safer Communities Working Group, contact Executive Officer Emma Hawkins.

Safer Communities Award

The University of Western Australia and UWA Student Guild are committed to ensuring all members of the University community are able to work and study in a safe environment that is free from danger, intimidation and harassment.

The 2020 UWA Safer Communities Award recognises the successes of key individuals or teams who have delivered projects that aim to create a safe, inclusive and supportive environment at the University in line with the UWA Student Experience Strategy – Experience UWA 2025.

Nominations are encouraged from individuals or teams across all areas of the University and its affiliates, including the Student Guild and College Row. Students and staff are both invited to apply. Nominations are also invited for collaborative projects between teams. Preference will be given to individuals or projects whose contributions extend beyond their usual core business.

Nominations have now closed and the winner will be announced in late October. 

2020 Safer Communities Award 

The winner of the 2020 UWA Safer Communities Award was the Student Guild Women’s Department for their End the Violence Week initiative which won the 2020 UWA Safer Communities Award. 

End the Violence Week was a new themed week for the Student Guild this year, after it was identified that greater awareness was needed in the student community about the rate and extensive impact of violence against women. 

Running from 20 – 24 April, the program aimed to create a safe space to educate others about what violence against women looks and sounds like. While originally planned to be held on-campus, the program had to be transformed online at the height of COVID-19 restrictions. The week featured a series of seven activities, interactive workshops and videos that centred on sexual violence and abuse, and its intersection with issues such as race, disability and sexuality. 


College Row Cultural Review and Taskforce

In October 2017, UWA and the five residential colleges commissioned a review of sexual misconduct within the college setting in accordance to Recommendation 9 from The Australian Human Rights Commission Change the Course Report. The overarching report findings are available in the Report’s Executive Summary. A Taskforce was convened in December 2019 to address the recommendations. 

The majority of recommendations and suggested actions have since been endorsed and implemented by all Colleges, or are reflective of the ongoing nature of the recommendations, such as annual training and review. A summary and detailed action plan can be found in the Taskforce 2020 Report. 

College Row Cultural Review Report [PDF, 3.2MB] 
Taskforce Report [PDF, 3.2MB] 

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