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A UWA UBL player going for a shot

University Basketball League

Support the UWA Maali in Australia's newest national basketball tournament
Established in 2020 and endorsed by Basketball Australia, the University Basketball League aims to strengthen the pathway to both men's and women's professional basketball in Australia.

UWA Maali UBL Program

The UWA Maali UBL Program provides a high performance program to facilitate talented student athletes' pathway to professional basketball in Australia. The Program will select both a men's and women's squad to compete in the University Basketball League.

2023 UWA Maali fixtures

  • Week 1
    University of Technology Sydney v UWA Maali
    Tuesday 14 March 2023, University of Technology Sydney
    Women: 9am AWST
    Men: 11pm AWST

    The University of Sydney v UWA Maali
    Wednesday 15 March 2023, The University of Sydney
    Women: 10am AWST
    Men: 12pm AWST

  • Week 2
    No games
  • Week 3
    UWA Maali v The University of Melbourne
    Tuesday 28 March 2023, Bendat Basketball Stadium, Floreat
    Men: 12:45pm AWST
    Women: 2:45pm AWST

    UWA Maali v La Trobe University
    Wednesday 29 March 2023, HBF Stadium, Mt Claremont
    Women: 12pm AWST
    Men: 2pm AWST

  • Week 4
    UWA Maali v Victoria Uinversity
    Tuesday 4 April 2023, ECU Sport and Fitness Centre, Joondalup
    Women: 4pm AWST
    Men: 6pm AWST

  • Week 5
    No games
  • Week 6
    UWA Maali v Adelaide University
    Wednesday 19 April 2023, HBF Arena, Joondalup
    Women: 12pm AWST
    Men: 2pm AWST

  • Week 7
    Federation University v UWA Maali
    Thursday 27 April 2023, Federation University
    Men: 12pm AWST
    Women: 2pm AWST

  • Week 8
    UWA Maali v RMIT University
    Tuesday 2 May, Bendat Basketball Stadium, Floreat
    Men: 12:30pm AWST
    Women: 2:30pmpm AWST

  • Week 9
    Curtin University v UWA Maali
    Wednesday 10 May 2023,Curtin Stadium
    Man: 4pm AWST
    Men: 6pm AWST

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