Australia Awards

UWA has a dedicated team to assist you as an Australia Awards (AA) student to access the many services at the University. Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships and fellowships funded by the Australian Government offering high-achieving international students the opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development.

Our team can support you by:

  • arranging your field work travel
  • arranging for tutorial support
  • helping you with sponsorship queries or changes
  • helping you progress in your course
  • running an introductory academic program to help you settle in

The introductory academic program includes a campus tour, workshops and information sessions with topics including accommodation, UWA services, study skills, presentation practice, essay writing and more.

Tutorial support

You have access to tutorial support funding as an AA student. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research scholarships have similar tutorial support conditions.

Tutorial support for students is $500 each semester and accumulates over the duration of your scholarship.

This funding assists you if you require additional assistance to pass your units of study. It is also available to support additional courses and training necessary to ensure your study success.

Tutorial support must be approved by your supervisor or course coordinator.

UWA does offer other sources of academic support on campus and we encourage you to seek out these resources.

Support documentation

To apply for tutorial support, complete the Academic Support Application form, detailing the support you require. Have your unit co-ordinator, course co-ordinator or academic student adviser sign the form in support of your application. You may be able to identify a tutor with the assistance of these people.

Please email the completed form to ausawards–[email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

Travel request

You need to inform the Australia Awards team in advance of all overseas travel, including travel not covered by their scholarship funding.

Request form

Fieldwork travel

Your scholarship contract will state if you have access to funding for fieldwork travel. To apply for fieldwork travel, your supervisor should provide the following information in writing to our team so a formal letter of travel can be organised:

  • An outline of the proposed field trip research program including a timeline, showing its relationship to the awardee’s course of study
  • A statement from the supervisor that the fieldwork is essential for the successful completion of the awardee’s research
  • A proposed itinerary, including dates in various areas to be visited within the home country
  • Details of supervision arrangements (must be able to advise DFAT within two weeks if the awardee is progressing well)
  • An assessment of any likely effect on award duration (all fieldwork is expected to be completed within the normal length of the award)


Duration: The maximum period of approved overseas fieldwork is 12 months.

Location: Fieldwork must be undertaken in Australia or fieldwork outside of Australia would normally be carried out in your home country.

Eligibility: To participate in and be funded for fieldwork, you must be enrolled in a master’s by research, a PhD, or master’s by coursework with research where fieldwork is a compulsory component.

Family: If you have dependants with you in Australia and you wish to undertake fieldwork outside Australia, you will need to consult the Department of Home Affairs on the policy relating to your dependants staying in Australia or travelling with you.

Overseas Fieldwork Requirements [538.9 KB]

Field trip funding

Funding may be available for field trips that are part of a compulsory unit in your course. Expenses related to field trips that are included in an optional unit in your course will not be covered by your scholarship.

Application form

Requesting a change to your scholarship

Requests to vary your scholarship may take up to six weeks to approve as the process requires a number of consultations with your home country, employers and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade before approval is made.

Extending your scholarship

Under exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to obtain one extension to your scholarship for up to six months. For details, refer to the Policy HandbookResearch students who require an extension to their scholarship will need to have approval from the Graduate Research School (GRS). Once you’ve received the approval of extension to your research from the GRS, we will submit an award extension request to DFAT for funding approval and visa extension.

Suspending your scholarship

You can apply for a suspension of scholarship for up to 12 months for health or family reasons. If approved, it may be possible for your return airfare to be covered by the scholarship funding.

Transferring your scholarship to another course or institution

Any transfers need to have approval from the Program Area and may also require partner government approval, where relevant. Course transfers within UWA (at the same or lower level) must not result in an extension of time to the scholarship. A change to the field of study will not be permitted. Transfers to a different institution (at the same or lower level) may be approved if:

  • your academic supervisor moves to a different institution (research awardees)
  • your course ceases to be offered at UWA
  • your course is downgraded (e.g. moving from a master’s degree to a graduate diploma)
  • you fail to meet entry conditions for the course after you’ve completed a pre-course English or a preliminary program

You need to meet any costs associated with the transfer (e.g. cost of relocating).

Returning home from Perth

As an Australia Awards student, you’ll be invited to attend a Going Home program to ensure you’re ready to return to your home country.

A farewell event is also organised to celebrate the completion of your scholarship.

Note: Your stipend will finish five days after examination results are published (coursework students) or your thesis is submitted (research students).

Also, you can stay in Perth up to 30 days after the release of results date or submitting your thesis, unless your visa expires before the 30-day period is up.

View our checklist for all international students returning home at International student essentials.

Your checklist

  • Update us with your contact details in your home country.
  • Enter your forwarding address details into studentConnect.
  • Update UWA Alumni with your home address and contact details so we can keep in touch with you.
  • Make arrangements for conferral of your award. Either attend a graduation ceremony or arrange to have your degree certificate sent to your home address (graduate in absentia).
  • Get a copy of your academic transcript from Student Central.
  • Check that your final stipend payment has gone into your bank account. Contact us if your stipend has not been deposited into your account.

Travel arrangements

Your scholarship includes funding for your airfare home on completion of your studies. Book your flight at least three months before you depart. You must return on the most direct and economical route, arriving at the nearest airport to your home. You will need a Travel Authority letter from us before you book the flight home.

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