Paper Cut: Then Now Next

11 May – 5 June 2021

Since its founding in 1977, community radio station RTRFM has been hell-bent on helping blaze a trail for women within the industry.

In May, RTRFM will take over the Lawrence Wilson Gallery as an Artist in Residence to highlight the amazing, ground-breaking and defiant women who have made the station—and WA music—what it is today.

Whether they were on the march, behind the mic, on the door, behind the bar, on the stage or behind the scenes, we’re paying tribute to the women who deserve to be up front and applauded.

Aged yellow photograph of three women, one appears to be behind a ticket counter and another wears a shirt that reads 'door bitch'

Drastic on Plastic founder Lorraine Clifford and RTRFM volunteers at In The Pines. Year unknown.

Photograph of a female saxophonist, stretched on her back playing her instrument at a live, outdoor concert.

Thea Woodward of The Tommyhawks at In The Pines, 2018.


A black and white poster advertising the radio station 6UVSFM 92.1 and depicting a photograph of a woman at a radio station and text below that reads 'Join Rita Clarke for a sound breakfast that's not just snap, crackle and pop.'

6UVS/ RTRFM first female Breakfast Presenter Rita Clarke, 1983.



Header image: Drastic on Plastic presenters during RTRFMs' Radiothon.