The University of Western Australia's Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery is a dynamic space for exploring art and ideas.

A centre for art and ideas

The first purpose-built university art museum in Australia, the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery opened on 18 July 1990. Since then it has been committed to critically engaging with different ideas.

Each year we strive to present an innovative and accessible program of exhibitions and events. Our exhibitions feature contemporary and historical art by local, national and international artists, and are accompanied by a dynamic series of events, including lectures, tours, symposia, workshops, film screenings, performances and more. Many exhibitions feature artwork drawn from the University’s collections, including the UWA Art Collection, the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art and the Berndt Museum Collection.

Our program regularly connects to the expertise of University staff and students, sharing their research with the wider community. It also offers a range of opportunities for University staff and students to connect with the gallery, both inside and outside of the classroom. The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery is a vibrant contributor to the State’s cultural life.



The University of Western Australia Art Collection was first given exhibition space in 1973 when the undercroft of the University’s Winthrop Hall was converted into The Undercroft Gallery. It became a vibrant venue for the display of both contemporary and historical Australian and Western Australian art.

During the 1980s the University decided to raise funds for the construction of a purpose-built art museum. It would be the first in an Australian university and would provide museum quality storage facilities for the UWA Art Collection and dedicated exhibition space.

The building was constructed very largely with funds raised from alumni, public and corporate donations, and was designed by Western Australian architect Gus Ferguson. LWAG now houses the UWA Art Collection, the Cruthers Collection of Women's Art and the Berndt Museum Collection.



Branson, Lyle Installation Assistant +61 8 6488 2181 lyle.branson@uwa.edu.au M001
Dodds, Aimee Gallery Assistant +61 8 6488 3707 aimee.dodds@uwa.edu.au M001
Greenwood, Donna Manager, Retail and Functions +61 8 6488 3977 donna.greenwood@uwa.edu.au M001
Hamersley, Kate Registrar (UWA Collections) +61 8 6488 3708 kate.hamersley@uwa.edu.au M001
Hyde, Megan Manager, Audience Development +61 8 6488 7477 megan.hyde@uwa.edu.au M464B
Kelly, Anthony Collections and Exhibitions Officers +61 8 6488 2181 anthony.kelly@uwa.edu.au M001
Kinsella, Lee Curator, Cruthers Collection of Women's Art and Special Projects +61 8 6488 1837 lee.kinsella@uwa.edu.au M001
Lally, Dr Janice Curator, Academic and Public Programs +61 8 6488 3718 janice.lally@uwa.edu.au M001
Liebetrau, Lisa Gallery Assistant +61 8 6488 3707 lisa.liebetrau@uwa.edu.au M001
McFarlane, Clare Marketing Assistant +61 8 6488 7806 clare.mcfarlane@uwa.edu.au M001
Quin, Dr Sally Curator, The University of Western Australia Art Collection +61 8 6488 3715 sally.quin@uwa.edu.au M001
Sulkowski, Joanna Gallery Assistant +61 8 6488 3707 joanna.sulkowski@uwa.edu.au M001
Sze, Connie Finance Officer +61 8 6488 1345 connie.sze@uwa.edu.au M464B

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