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Courses to help you make an impact

New courses to help you make a global impact

18/11/2022 |

The world we all know is constantly changing and adapting. Here at UWA, we understand the importance of growing and sharpening your skills in areas that are increasingly important to our world's shifting economic, social and technological landscapes. Our new courses are equipped with industry-integrated opportunities and access to a global network preparing you for the everchanging world outside your degree.
Bachelor of Modern Languages
Language is an important factor in many cultures and societies. By learning a new language, you expand your views of the world and develop an appreciation of cultural diversity. Language is a vital part of human connection, it helps create a sense of community, builds relationships and helps encourage an environment of inclusion. 

UWA's Bachelor of Modern Languages has the largest range of languages of any WA university where you can choose from eight modern languages including; Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. You can also combine Modern Languages with a number of other degrees, including the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business through multiple entry points, graduating with two Bachelor’s degrees in just four years. By studying the Bachelor of Modern Languages at UWA you’ll demonstrate competence in a set of transferable skills, including (but not limited to) digital literacy, information management, research skills, critical thinking, and oral and written communication. Find out more from Associate Professor Kati Tonkin below. 

Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Helping those in need, making a difference and serving the people above all else is why the study of criminology and criminal justice is so important. By studying criminal justice, you can assist in solving crimes, work with victims of crime or help prevent crime in the community. As a society, our review and response can also help create policies and initiatives to prevent and address crime. 

UWA's Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice draws broadly on knowledge and perspectives from disciplines including Criminology, Law, Psychology, History, Anthropology, Geography, and Forensic Science where you will be exposed to the breadth of contemporary Criminology and Criminal Justice issues. You will also learn how to effectively locate, analyse, and critique contemporary criminal justice resources and develop independent, evidence-based positions on contemporary criminal justice resources. Find out more from Associate Professor Hilde Tubex below.

Bachelor of Human Rights
Human rights embody key values in our society such as dignity, fairness, respect and equality. They also govern how individual human beings live with each other and society. Some people in life may face neglect, abuse or isolation and human rights are an important means of protection for us all. By setting principles concerned with equality and fairness, human rights act as an attempt to ensure people are treated fairly, regardless of things like gender, race and age.

UWA’s Bachelor of Human Rights is a unique, interdisciplinary program of study that equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage with real-world issues in human rights, and related areas such as social justice. You will learn about real-world human rights challenges from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. You will also gain vital experience and connections with opportunities to contact people working on human rights issues and complete an internship. Learn more from Associate Professor Nin Kirkham and Dr Lachlan Umbers below.  

Business Analytics major
The way we collect, store and process data has changed a lot in the last decade and how much data we have available to us is increasing at a rapid rate. Companies worldwide are using data to drive strategy and change, boost process and cost efficiency, and monitor and improve financial performance. Data analytics is increasing in importance because it helps businesses make more informed business decisions and these insights help in planning for the future. 

UWA’s Business Analytics major under the Bachelor of Commerce will develop your technical skills in two main avenues: (i) computer programming skills (particularly the Python computing language), and (ii) knowledge of statistics. With a focus on crucial communication and interpersonal skills, you will learn to present the results of your data analysis to relevant parties.  You will also learn to develop your fundamental statistical and programming skills in data analytics, which you will be able to apply to a range of commercial and economic contexts. Learn more from Associate Professor Paul Bergey below.  

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