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Top 5 emerging jobs and how to get there

09/12/2020 |

Using its wide range of data, LinkedIn has crunched the numbers and dropped its 2020 Emerging Jobs Report Australia. Unsurprisingly, tech roles involving artificial intelligence and robotics are trending – in a big way.

The report lists the fastest-growing jobs in the country, which have seen “tremendous growth over the past five years”. These aren’t necessarily brand new roles, but roles that have grown out of a more traditional job or those that have been created to meet industry demand.

So what are the top 5 emerging jobs and how can you get there? Let’s take a look.


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1. Artificial intelligence specialist

Artificial intelligence, or AI, takes the cake, with this role topping the list and AI forming some part of all top 5 emerging jobs. So, what exactly is artificial intelligence and what can you study in this area?

AI is all about how machines demonstrate intelligence. When a machine starts imitating the way humans think, learn and problem solve, it’s basically all down to artificial intelligence experts.

During a Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), you’ll learn how to program machines to understand images, texts and sounds. You’ll get hands-on experience in a variety of contemporary AI techniques like machine learning, deep learning, TensorFlow, Python (programing language) and computer vision.

As industries across the board race to expand machine learning and AI to enhance business efficiency, career prospects are wide and varied. AI skills are in high demand in consulting companies, higher education, engineering design and consulting services, software publishing, computer system design, resource sector and financial services. 


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2. Cybersecurity specialist

The role of a cybersecurity specialist is to protect systems, networks and programs from cyberattacks. According to LinkedIn, this role is a ‘global priority’, with a Norton report estimating AUD$2.3 billion was stolen from Australian consumers by cybercriminals in 2017. Both government and industry are investing heavily in cybersecurity to keep computer information systems secure.

In our Cybersecurity major, you’ll take part in industry-integrated learning to get the knowledge, tools and practicals skills to protect people and their data, and prevent cyberattacks. Employment opportunities exist across a wide range of industry sectors, and job roles include user support technician, system administrator, program or application developer, project manager and web specialist.

Additionally, our Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science (International Cybersecurity) will prepare you for a range of specialist cybersecurity roles with a global perspective. 


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3. Marketing automation specialist

This emerging job combines both technical and creative skills. Marketing automation specialists harness their knowledge of digital technology and traditional marketing to generate and nurture leads, analyse workflow and propose improvements to marketing strategies.

You can develop your marketing skills with a Bachelor of Commerce major in Marketing before taking on a postgraduate degree like our Master of Marketing.


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4. Robotics engineer (software)

LinkedIn is seeing increasing demand for technical professionals with robotics expertise. Robotics engineers set up and develop software known as Robotics Process Automation (RPA), which is used to automate business processes.

Our Bachelor of Automation and Robotics combines relevant aspects from all engineering areas, with additional advanced units in automation, robotics and software.

After that, you could continue on to the Master of Professional Engineering and become an accredited engineer with sought-after automation and robotic expertise. Available specialisations include Electrical and Electronic, Mechanical and Software.


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5. Site reliability engineer

With more and more industries prioritising digital operations, it’s easy to see why the role of a site reliability engineer has become so crucial. Site reliability engineers ensure apps and websites stay up and running online, so customers have a seamless user experience. This hybrid role brings a software engineering approach to system administration topics. Courses to consider include a Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science (Data Science) and our postgraduate Master of Information Technology.

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