School of Social Sciences

Understanding human experience and exploring how and why society works

UWA’s School of Social Sciences bridges social, physical and environmental sciences and brings a scientific approach to understanding the development and operations of societies and their influence the world.

The School is home to seven disciplines. Additionally, it serves as a hub for engagement in regional Western Australia through the Centre for Regional Development and Centre for Rock Art Research and Management. 

The School collaborates across government, community and industry to develop responses to major societal opportunities, challenges and injustices.

As a student, you can use your education to benefit communities around the world, applying your expertise to one sector or industry such as government, planning, finance or media, or choose to explore broad topics such as social change or relationships between citizens, community and state.

Through innovative research, industry placements and transformative education, our students forge critical understandings of local, regional and global issues.

Our disciplines


This area seeks to better understand people and the societies in which they live and work.

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Archaeology is the study of human life, thoughts and actions through materials left behind.

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Asian Studies

Asian Studies critiques and interrogates Western theories of social, economic, political and cultural development.

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Language is at the core of what it means to be human and is central to how we interact with others in our lives.

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Media and Communication

Media and communication tools are transforming the way we think about our identities, relationships and communities.

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Political Science and International Relations

Our research and teaching explores the politics and governance of our complex, dynamic and globalised world.

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Geography and Planning

Cutting-edge research balancing human development with the natural environment

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Welcome from Head of School Professor Amanda Davies

The School of Social Sciences is a vibrant, exciting place in which to study and research. Often described as sitting between the hard sciences and the arts, social science is the systematic development of knowledge about society – past, present and future. 

Social scientists run head first into the difficult questions to logically reveal how society shapes, and is shaped by, politics, economics, culture, religion, geography and the environment. And we do so with purpose and passion. Solutions to global challenges, including achieving sustainable development, addressing climate change, eliminating poverty, improving the status of indigenous populations and closing the gap between rich and poor, can only be advanced when the best knowledge about how societies work is available. 

Our courses have excellent employability results, with our graduates highly sought after for their ability to apply understandings about societies to real-world problems and challenges. You will find the School of Social Sciences a very welcoming environment in which to study because, after all, the more brains we have thinking about how to address the pressing challenges facing our world, the better.

  Amanda Davies

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Bachelor of International Relations

UWA’s Bachelor of International Relations provides you with comprehensive knowledge of international relations from a range of perspectives — political, legal, historical, and sociological. In line with UWA’s expertise and Perth’s geography, you’ll receive unique training focusing on the Indo-Pacific region.

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Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability

Are you passionate about creating a sustainable future? The Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability provides a unique blend of social sciences, humanities, environmental studies, and policy.

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Our notable alumni

Andrew Wong

Patrick Morrison

Amy Bowdrey

Aaron D'Cruz

Jessie Gordon

Our courses 


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