HERE&NOW20: Perfectly Queer

29 August – 5 December 2020

HERE&NOW20 focuses on the practice of queer artists in Western Australia. Curated by Brent Harrison, it examines how artists draw on histories and their own lived experiences to create artworks that reflect on what it means to be queer.

The artists in HERE&NOW20 use their work as a means to problematise binaries, to explore sites of desire and to provide safe spaces for communities. The exhibition aims to dismantle dominant heteronormative narratives by encouraging intergenerational dialogues that highlight the continued resistance of queer culture.

The annual HERE&NOW exhibition showcases some of the most exciting and innovative work in Western Australia. The series features newly commissioned artwork and is curated each year by an emerging curator appointed to offer fresh perspective and insight on contemporary art practice.


Benjamin Bannan, Nathan Beard, Janet Carter, Lill Colgan, Jo Darbyshire, Brontë Jones, Andrew Nicholls, Colin Smith


Brent Harrison


Featuring images and an introductory essay by Brent Harrison. Available for free at the LWAG front desk or for online download.
Download the digital gatefold (2MB)

Exhibition Catalogue

Featuring photographs of the exhibition and new texts by Frances Barrett, Jo Darbyshire, Brent Harrison, Miranda Johnson, Fred Von Jorgs, Stas Julien-Martial, Diego Ramirez, Matthew Siddall, Aisyah Aaqil Sumito and Eugenio Viola.

$16.50 | available for purchase at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery or on the LWAG online shop

Detail of a drawing titled 'Spring' by Andrew Nicholls, depicting a nude male figure from the waist-up, with a flower in his hair and holding a plant that a hummingbird is on.

Andrew Nicholls, The Four Seasons: Spring (detail of work in progress), 2019–2020, ink pen on watercolour paper, 114 x 140 cm (detail). Image courtesy the artist.

Video Spotlights

Colin Smith
Andrew Nicholls


Nathan Beard
Janet Carter

Podcast Episode

Ep 16: Salvation rainbow with Benjamin Bannan and Brent Harrison

Find out more about artist Benjamin Bannan's new work Salvation Rainbow, currently on show in HERE&NOW20: Perfectly Queer, in this conversation with Bannan and HERE&NOW20 curator Brent Harrison.

HERE&NOW20: Perfectly Queer focuses on the practice of queer artists in Western Australia and examines how artists draw on histories and their own lived experiences to create artworks that reflect on what it means to be queer. In addition to Bannan's Salvation Rainbow, it features artwork by Nathan Beard, Janet Carter, Lill Colgan, Jo Darbyshire, Brontë Jones, Andrew Nicholls and Colin Smith.

Download a full transcript

LWAGTalksEp16 Transcript [DOC]


Soothing Secrets: DIY Painted Patches by Lill Colgan

Lill Colgan, Soothing Secrets: DIY Painted Patches, 2020, single channel video, 25:01 minutes, courtesy the artist.

This activity is designed by artist Lill Colgan and based on their artwork Soothing Systems, on display in HERE&NOW20: Perfectly Queer.

Soothing Systems features an acronym created by Colgan that is a self-affirmation with special and symbolic significance known only to the artist. For this activity, Colgan explores ways that you can use symbols and motifs to create your own self-affirming, wearable item.

Soothing Secrets is designed for THE HUB, a space at LWAG where art lovers of all ages can explore their creativity in hands-on art activities inspired by the current exhibitions.

Watch the video and follow the instructions to create your own painted patch.

Materials needed:

  • 1x plastic table cloth or tarp
  • 1x old fabric or clothing (ideally denim)
  • 1x acrylic paints (ideally 3 colours and black/white)
  • 1x marker or pen
  • 1x masking tape
  • 1x piece of paper (ideally a thicker variety like cartridge)
  • 1x ruler
  • 1x scissors (ideally sharp or made for fabric cutting)
  • 1x tape
  • 1x sponge
  • 1x small paint brush (ideally with a fine tip)
  • 1x small tub of water
  • 4x safety pins

Optional materials:

  • access to a hair-dryer
  • assorted beads
  • diamantes or glitter
  • glue
  • needle and thread

Exhibitions Preview

Preview of 2020 LWAG exhibitions (Un)ladylike Acts, HERE&NOW20: Perfectly Queer and Drew Pettifer: A Sorrowful Act. Video by Levi Williams.

HERE&NOW20: Perfectly Queer has been supported by the State Government of Western Australia through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Header image: Benjamin Bannan, Salvation Rainbow (detail), 2020, etched aluminium and two-pack enamel, 180 x 320 x 5 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

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