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Supporting music teachers and students across WA

The UWA Conservatorium of Music have developed a range of online resources to support music teachers and students across WA.

This suite of resources has been carefully designed around the new ATAR Music Syllabus, and includes a wide range of topics that will support student learning across a broad array of contexts.

Our bite-size videos will cover elements of Analysis, Performance and Musical Literacy and are accompanied by written documents, quizzes and further study links that will help support student learning beyond the classroom.

Music literacy


Clefs quiz [PDF 197KB]

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TAB notation

Accidentals quiz [PDF 197KB]


Writing Modes

Recognising Written Modes

Recognising Modes Aurally


Writing Intervals

Recognising Intervals (Written)

Interval Recognition (Aurally)

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Part 1:



Part 2:




Recognising Cadences Aurally

Identifying Cadences in Notation


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Musical Texture


Textures in Hallelujah Chorus

Form 1 - Complex Western Art Forms

Form 1 quiz [PDF 121KB]

Form 2 - Verse-Chorus in Contemporary Music
Compositional Devices

Compositional Devices Quiz [PDF 197KB]

Percussion Instruments
Drum Kit

Transposing Instruments (Part 1)

Transposing Instruments (Part 2)

Exam Style Questions on Transposition


Melody Writing

Melody Writing

Music analysis

Unit 1: Elements

ATAR Music Workbook | Unit One: Elements
In Unit One, we will discuss elements. These are the building blocks of pieces of music, and when we understand the elements of contemporary, jazz, and Western art music, we can explain how those elements are used to convey a message.  These background and analysis documents are intended as a step off point as you explore these pieces of music. There are suggested readings and listenings which we hope will broaden your understanding of the topics, and encourage you to find lots of other resources on the composers, writers, and pieces of music. 

UWA ATAR Music Workbook_ UNIT ONE


Haydn - Trumpet Concerto

Unit 2: Narratives

ATAR Music Workbook | Unit 2: Narratives

In Unit Two, we will discuss Narrative. All music tells a story. Some of these stories are explicit—an obvious story that is probably linear in nature. Some of these stories are less obvious, a feeling or sense of emotion. How we do this in music—western art music, jazz or commercial music—is the subject of this unit. 

UWA ATAR Music Workbook_ UNIT TWO

The Beatles - A Day In the Life

Duke Ellington/Ella Fitzgerald: Take the A Train

Unit 3: Identities

ATAR Music Workbook | Unit 3: Identities 

In Unit Three, we will discuss identities. The issues of identity permeate through music in very strong and often specific ways. Not only do some of us define ourselves by the music we perform, but many people define themselves by the music to which they listen. How does that work, and how do the creators of music use sound to help us to discover, uncover or define our identity?



Baker Boy - Marryuna

Nina Simone - To Be Young, Gifted and Black




Amy Beach - Gaelic Symphony, first movement





Unit 4: Innovations

ATAR Music Workbook | Unit 4: Innovations 

In Unit Four, we will discuss Innovations. Since the first music emerged in early humans, people have innovated to produce new music, to find new ways of communication. Some of these innovations have been great leaps forward; others incremental changes to ways of making or creating music. What lessons can we learn from these innovations as we strive to think about new music?


Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

John Adams - Short Ride in a Fast Machine







Top tips for performance

Expert performers and teachers from the UWA Conservatorium of Music, share their top five tips for students heading into exams and auditions.

General topics

The development of the Symphony Part 1 & Part 2

The development of the Concerto Part 1 & Part 2

UWA performances

Irwin Street Collective | Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 27 with soloist Jude Holland

UWA Conservatorium of Music second year piano student, and winner of the inaugural Irwin Street Collective concerto competition, Jude Holland, performs Mozart’s last piano concerto with the UWA Chamber Orchestra, led by Shaun Lee-Chen.

Performance at UWA

Each year, we present a vibrant program of concerts and events that showcase our young emerging artists and the finest musical talent locally, nationally and internationally.

UWA Vose Concerto Competition 2022 Winner - Rachael Liu

Rachael Liu performs two arias; Una voce poco fa from Gioachino Rossini’s opera ‘The Barber of Seville’, and Je Veux Vivre from Charles Gounod’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in the finals of the 2022 Vose Memorial Prize, with Professor Alan Lourens conducting the UWA Symphony Orchestra.

Outreach activities

Led by some of Australia’s finest music educators, musicians and composers, engage in music within the wonderful community at the UWA Con in 2024!


In addition to over 200 performances, we are excited to present a wide-range of activities to inspire and support school-aged musicians, through Workshops, Masterclasses, Extension Programs, Bootcamps, Immersion Days and more!


Check out our jam-packed program of events to support your passion for music!




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