Alexithymia - Assessment and Intervention

Understanding emotional blindness

People with alexithymia (no words for emotions) tend to have problems in the interpersonal world. They display difficulties in identifying and describing their own emotions. Alexithymia has been found to be a vulnerability factor for several psychological presentations.

This research project will:

  • further validate the Perth Alexithymia Questionnaire
  • investigate the association between Alexithymia and related emotional constructs (e.g., emotion regulation, emotion reactivity)
  • investigate the presence of Alexithymia in both clinical and non-clinical populations and test a pilot intervention program aimed at improving alexithymic features

For more background information see the suggested readings below.

Research team leader: Associate Professor Rodrigo Becerra

I am a Clinical Psychologist with interest in emotions and psychopathology. My research focuses on the assessment and therapy for emotional difficulties in a variety of diagnoses (e.g., bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, etc.). Intervention for emotion dysregulation, reactivity, and/or awareness is a growing and promising field within clinical psychology. In our clinic at UWA, we are testing new assessment measures and therapeutic programs aimed at improving regulatory skills. 

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