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Vaccination records privacy collection notice

  • Information Privacy
    Personal information collected, managed, and disclosed by UWA will be in accordance with this Collection Notice and the UWA Information Privacy Policy, and aligned to the Australian Privacy Principles.
  • What personal information is collected?
    The personal information collected will relate to your current vaccination status for SARS-COV2 (COVID-19) and may include, but may not be limited to, your name, your date of birth, your Healthcare Identifier, your employee number and/or student number (as appropriate), your vaccination status, your vaccine type, the date(s) of your vaccination and your vaccination provider(s).
  • Why is it collected?

    UWA has a statutory obligation to collect this information from those Staff and Students who are subject to any of the WA Government’s Health Directions.  UWA also collects this information for all Staff and Students in accordance with UWA’s Premises Access Direction, which applies to all UWA campuses.

    This information is collected to provide evidence that you and UWA are compliant with the law, and that you are entitled to access, enter and remain in certain designated places, or that you are entitled to carry out your employment / profession / study under the WA Government’s Health Directions and under UWA’s Premises Access Direction to its campuses.

  • Further Information

    UWA’s Information Privacy Policy can be found on our Privacy page. This policy includes how you can access personal information held, how you can seek to correct that information and how you can make a complaint.

  • How is it used, and shared?

    Your vaccination status record and associated personal information will only be used for the purpose of proving compliance and will only be disclosed for this purpose.

    This means that your information will only be disclosed to

    • an Emergency Officer (as defined by Public Health Act 2016 (WA)); or
    • if required for UWA to prove your compliance with a WA State Health Direction; or
    • when otherwise required by law.

    A limited subset of your information (e.g. your name, your vaccination status) may be disclosed where necessary to ensure your access to our campuses under UWA’s Premises Access Direction.

  • What are my options?

    If you are a UWA Staff member, then you should talk to your manager, or to your HR Business Partner, if you believe you are unable to be vaccinated, or do not wish to provide evidence of your vaccination status – as this could impact your employment.

    If you are a UWA Student, then you should talk to UWA Enrolments, or to your Student Advising Office or the Student Guild, if you believe you are unable to be vaccinated, or do not wish to provide your vaccination status – as this could impact your studies.

    UWA will be required to keep records (including copies of the evidence of your vaccination) and will also be required to ensure that unvaccinated individuals are not permitted to work or study on campus.  

    If you are subject to a WA Health Direction, then it is an offence for a person to fail, without reasonable excuse, to comply with any of those Directions.  You and UWA could both be liable for a fine if such an offence is proven.

  • Consent

    By providing your vaccination status and associated personal information to UWA, you are considered to have consented to the collection, use and disclosure of this information as indicated in this Notice.

  • How is it secured and stored?

    Your vaccination status record and associated personal information will be held securely by UWA on your Staff file and/or your Student file (as appropriate).  Managers / relevant Student Administrative Staff may have access to a list/register that includes personal information collected from you in order to facilitate authorised compliance requirements.

    UWA will retain your vaccination details as required to meet its obligations under the State Records Act 2000 (WA).

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