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  • Friday 14 October, 1-2 pm

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  • Talk

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Friday Talk – Stories of Primus Ugle’s paintings

Friday 14 October, 1-2 pm

Barry Ugle shares stories depicted in his father Primus Ugle’s paintings

Barry Ugle’s father, Primus Ugle’s paintings are featured in the Berndt Museum’s Dwelling with Place: Education Space and Collection Works display at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.

The paintings represent Ugle’s early experiences, and record how traditional lifestyles were influenced by European settlement throughout Wilman and Ballardong, the places of Ugle’s ancestors.

Primus Ugle was a hard worker who helped clear, shear, and farm for many agricultural interests in the southwest. His responsibility to continue culture and to document the stories of past histories and legacies was not realised through painting until his elder years. From the mid 1990s he discovered an interest in painting – which became part of his journey to keep the stories alive for the next generations. Join us to hear Barry Ugle speak about his father’s works.


Image: Barry Ugle speaks to his father's artworks in the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery


Please note: in keeping with the University's guidelines, space is limited for this event and registration is required.