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Study tours for groups

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is a vibrant university with a high reputation for the quality of its teaching and research, the beauty of its campuses and the richness of its student experience. As a part of the University, UWA Study Tours reflects the University’s traditions by providing high quality programs for groups of students. With over 15 years’ experience in designing courses for international universities, high schools, corporations and Government sponsored professionals, we have the capacity to cater for any group size. Our team's main goal is to deliver a rich and fruitful program, both academically and culturally, whilst providing a professional and friendly service.

The Study Tours team maintains strong relationships with many international partners and regularly provides individually tailored programs for groups of participants with varying needs. These programs can be classified into the following three categories.

Closed Class Study Tours

Closed class study tours can be arranged for all client groups with the program designed exclusively for the needs of your group. These study tours can be offered at any time during the academic year, focus on topics of interest to the group and be delivered across all levels of English proficiency. In this option, the course is open only to the particular participant group, however it is possible to incorporate activities with Australian and/or other international students at UWA and UWA CELT. Each program includes academic lessons, faculty lectures, student society workshops, PhD candidate lectures/workshops and intercultural communication activities involving current UWA students. Closed class study tours fall into four categories:

  • UWA Experience
  • Australian Culture and Critical Thinking
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • TESOL Professional Development

Open Class Study Tours

These study tours can be arranged for client groups of 18 years and above and provide participants with the opportunity to take part in UWA CELT’s Language and Communication Essentials/Academic English language programs. This study option will allow participants to develop English language skills with other international students from a variety of countries at the same level of English proficiency. Open class study tour programs are based on fixed dates, across nine intakes of the year and fall into three categories:

Hybrid Class Study Tours

Hybrid class study tours are a combination of the open and closed class options and can be arranged for client groups of 18 years and above. This study tour is divided into morning and afternoon sessions which couple UWA CELT’s Language and Communication Essentials/Academic English courses with opportunities to study a particular discipline area. These tours also include cultural activities to enrich the student experience. The afternoon sessions fall into the four categories listed above in Closed Class study tours. Just like Open Class study tours, start and end dates are fixed according to the UWA CELT term dates.

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