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English language pathways to university studies

The UWA Centre for English Language Teaching offers two ways, or pathways, to improve English language proficiency to the level required by the University for entry into its undergraduate and postgraduate studies. It also offers an English pathway to studies at UWA College. It is possible to package an application, that is, apply for more than one course at a time. UWA CELT can package a language course with an undergraduate degree, a master's degree (coursework, professional and research), a research doctorate (PhD), and academic pathway programs at UWA College. 

Academic English and Study Skills Bridging Course

CRICOS Course Code: 026607K
Mode of Study (Module 1): 20 hours per week
Mode of Study (Module 2): 25 hours per week

The UWA Centre for English Language Teaching's Bridging Course has been granted NEAS Premium Product Endorsement.

The Academic English and Study Skills Bridging Course has been designed for international students who want to study at UWA but do not have the required level of English language proficiency.

The program is also suitable for students with unconditional entry into UWA who want to improve their language proficiency and confidence before starting their university studies. The course helps students improve their English language skills to the level required by UWA.

The course includes:

  • Organisation and language of various types of academic texts
  • Knowledge of the language of the student's chosen discipline
  • Understanding of Australian academic culture
  • Analytical and reflective thinking skills for university life
  • Dealing with plagiarism issues
  • Capacity to be an autonomous learner
  • Confidence to participate in academic situations

Student Testimonial: Aline Costa Silva (Brazil)

Student Testimonial: Yangyan Ou (China)

Minimum entry requirements

The Academic English and Study Skills Bridging Course is offered as a 20-week program and a 10-week program. All students must meet the minimum entry requirements as set out in the table below.

IELTS (Academic format)

5.5 with no band score below 5.0 (higher requirementsapply to students bound for some UWA degrees)

6.0 with no band score below 5.5 (higher requirementsapply to students bound for some UWA degrees)

58 with a minimum score of 16 in the writing section, 15 in the speaking section and 7 in the listening and reading sections

68 with a minimum score of 20 in the writing section, 17 in the speaking section, 11 in the listening section and 12 in the reading section
Pearson Test of English (Academic)
46 overall with no individual score below 42
54 overall with no individual score below 46
Versant English Placement Test (VEPT)  A score of 46-50  A score of 51-55
Duolingo A score between 100 and 110 (no sub score below 85) A score between 115 and 125 (no sub score below 100)
WA Certificate of Education EALD Stage 3 (English as an Additional Language or Dialect)
Overall scaled mark of 35-39.9
Overall scaled mark of 40-49.9
UWA CELT Language and Communication Essentials
Upper-intermediate with a minimum of 70% (no individual skill below 60%) Pre-advanced with a minimum of 70% (no individual skill below 60%)
UWA CELT English for Academic Purposes
Minimum of 60% (no individual skill below 55%)
Minimum of 65% (no individual skill below 60%)

Please note that IELTS and TOEFL results are considered valid for two years from the test date. CELT will only accept valid IELTS and TOEFL results for entry into the Academic English and Study Skills Bridging Course. CELT will only accept an IELTS Test Report Form older than two years if it can be verified through the IELTS TRF Verification Service, and if you can provide evidence that you have `actively maintained or tried to improve your English since taking the test'.

English for Academic Purposes + IELTS or TOEFL Examination

An alternative pathway to undergraduate or postgraduate studies is to enrol in our English for Academic Purposes course, and then sit either the IELTS or TOEFL examination to meet the entry requirements for your chosen tertiary institution.

Whilst it is a structured course with an underlying pedagogy, English for Academic Purposes is modified each term to meet the needs of the class group. By accommodating itself in this way to the knowledge and ability of its students, this course offers a highly supportive way to develop academic skills and English language ability.

Language and Communication Essentials

Students whose English is not at a suitable level for entry into the English for Academic Purposes or Academic English and Study Skills Bridging Course can enrol in UWA CELT's Language and Communication Essentials course which will help develop English language to the required level.

Both the Bridging Course and English for Academic Purposes are underpinned by Language and Communication Essentials.

Package Offers

Students whose English level meets the minimum requirement for the 20 or 10-week Bridging Course, can apply for a 'package offer'. This is an offer for the English language program, plus the degree program at UWA. Admissions will be able to arrange a package offer (English + degree) for you upon request, if you meet the minimum entry requirements. Please contact UWA Admissions to request a package offer.

Pathways to UWA College

Students who need to improve their language skills before starting their academic pathway program at UWA College, can enrol in UWA CELT's Language and Communication Essentials program. This course can be packaged with a student's UWA College pathway, without having to sit another external language test upon completion. The entry requirements for this program will vary, depending on a student's study plan. Find out more about the application process for a packaged English offer with a UWA College academic pathway.

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