Industry connections

Gain valuable and hands-on experience towards the future career of your choice.

For some degrees, such as medicine, engineering and architecture, you’ll be required to complete professional placements, but we also provide the chance for you to gain work experience, even if your qualification doesn’t call for it. With a long list of contacts and partnerships, we’ll help place you in your chosen industry, where you can begin to put theory into practice in a real-world environment.

Placements for credit

For-credit placements or practicums are arranged as part of your degree. They’re usually one day a week in a supervised workplace, run between 80 to 100 hours in total, and can be everything from getting a feel for a legitimate working environment to participating in live projects. These practicums are available through Arts or Commerce degrees, and for postgraduate students as Personal Development Practicums. If you’re a Science student, you can get involved in practicums through Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programs.

Service learning units are another way to gain experience. These are unpaid work with not-for-profit, community or government services, and some can earn you academic credit as well as the chance to put your degree skills to use. The McCusker Centre for Citizenship also offers this kind of learning.

Not-for-credit experience

If your degree doesn’t award credit for work experience, you can still take advantage of our network of industry connections to find uncredited placements, usually as internships or holiday work, for a set number of hours.

Guild volunteering

Guild volunteering gets you off campus and into the real world to start making a difference. Broaden your mind, meet new people and learn new skills in an area you’re interested in. You may also find that some volunteering is eligible for your supplementary academic transcript.

Guild volunteering


The Career Mentor Link program connects you with an industry professional for one-on-one advice and helps develop your skills so you can transition smoothly from university into the workplace.


UWA Careers Centre

The Careers Centre provides workshops to develop your vocational skills to enhance your future prospects, and can assist you in your career path.

UWA Careers Centre

Our established network of connections includes:

  • Corporate
    BHP Billiton, Wesfarmers, Woodside, Australian Government, ATCO Australia, Australian Institute of Management, EY, Hawaiian Group, Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd, Mitsui & Co. Australia
  • Creative
    Perth Fashion Festival, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA)
  • Public sector
    City of Perth, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Department of Commerce
  • NGOs
    In areas including animals, children and youth and disability, human rights and social justice, Indigenous issues, mental health, and women’s issues
  • Associations
    Engineers Australia, The Law Society of Western Australia, Clinical Legal Education and Enhanced Law Access Program

Research collaborations

At UWA we seek innovative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. From the smallest known particles, to the farthest reaches of the universe, there are no limits when you pursue what the world tells you is impossible.

As a research student, there are many ways you can get involved with ground-breaking industry projects.

Through the Co-Operative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED), undergraduates and postgraduates from any discipline can add their skills to research projects run by organisations outside the University.

If you’re a research student or working on postgraduate coursework, there’s the chance to be involved with the Transdisciplinary Service Learning and Design practicum. This teams you with staff not just from UWA but from outside institutions and regions, with the aim of collaborating on complex issues involving everything from infrastructure and politics, to cultural and economic issues.

As a PhD student, you can collaborate on a six-week project with an industry partner, through iPREPWA, which supports research teams across a range of disciplines.

Our research collaborations have included work with:

  • Alcoa
  • Australian Neuromuscular Research Institute
  • BHP Billiton
  • Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority
  • Centre for Clinical Research in Neuropsychiatry
  • Centre for Musculoskeletal Studies
  • Chevron
  • Department of Agriculture and Food
  • Department of Environment and Conservation
  • FMG
  • Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research
  • Lions Eye Institute
  • Lung Institute of Western Australia
  • Oral Health Centre of Western Australia
  • Telethon Institute for Child Health Research
  • Western Australian Institute for Medical Research
  • Western Australian Marine Science Institute (WAMSI)
  • Woodside