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How life in Perth compares to my hometown in Botswana - Salman

18/08/2023 |
Hear from Salman, a current international student from Botswana studying Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science and Data Science at UWA. Salman shares what he loves most about living in Perth and how it compares to his hometown back in South Africa.  

Meet Salman

“Hi, I’m Salman. I am a first-year international student studying Computer Science and Data Science at UWA. I was born and raised in Botswana but hold Pakistani nationality. I’ve been living in Perth since last December, am working as a landscaper during my studies, and staying in a share house just 15 minutes away from campus. My experience at UWA has been great so far. The people here are very kind and welcoming and the UWA staff are always looking to help students with any questions about their studies or enrolments.”

International student, Salman, standing in front of Winthrop Hall at UWA

Why did you choose to study in Perth?

“I chose Perth because the climate and environment here are very similar to my home in Botswana. Plus, I was also able to get a scholarship to study at UWA which motivated me to pick Perth over other Australian cities”

What were your first impressions of Perth and UWA?

“When I first arrived in Perth, I thought it was very similar to South Africa based on the climate and how the streets and suburbs looked. Everything in Perth is a lot more spread out than in Botswana.

When I arrived at UWA, I instantly noticed how much bigger the campus was!”

What is your favourite thing about studying in Perth?

“My favourite thing about studying in Perth is how nice the people are. I also enjoy that you can get the best of both worlds enjoy the hustle of the city and the relaxed lifestyle that I was used to back home.”

What do you enjoy most about your course?

“I enjoy the challenges my course offers. Computer Science is a tough major and I enjoy that most assignments require problem-solving thinking and a ‘don’t give up’ attitude.”

Did you receive a scholarship to study at UWA as an international student?

“I received the UWA Global Excellence Scholarship which included a $10,000 a year discount on my fees.”

Is there any advice you would give to a future student considering Perth/UWA?

“The one thing I wish I knew before starting my studies is that when you arrive, everything will feel all over the place. It is a big change as an international student, but give yourself time to settle in.”

What are your plans for when you graduate from UWA?

“After I graduate, I plan to stay in Perth and find a job. However, I am still in my first year, so my plans aren’t set in stone!”

Want to know more about studying at UWA? Visit the international students page on our website, contact our Future Students Centre by submitting an online enquiry through askUWA or chat to a current international student. You can also explore our scholarships for international students who choose to study in Perth. 

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