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UWA's Western Force industry connection ignites Kanon's passion

09/07/2024 |

After graduating UWA with a Bachelor of Science and honours, Kanon knew her time at UWA wasn’t over yet. She loved UWA’s collaborative culture and her relationships with academics. It was a “no brainer” to continue her study with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in sport science at UWA.   

Kanon Uchiyama - Western Force

Kanon kicked off her PhD the year after graduating, igniting her passion in sport and high performance. One thing that surprised Kanon while studying her PhD was UWA’s industry connections across various fields of study. UWA’s partnership with the Western Force opened the doors to her exciting research. 

I’ve always been obsessed with sport and high performance. Another interest of mine is sleep and how that impacts performance. It still fascinates me to this day. Bringing in the context of travel and on a professional rugby team, it ticks all the boxes.”  
Kanon Uchiyama, UWA PhD Candidate

Kanon was impressed by the vast opportunities available to PhD students due to UWA’s partnership with the Western Force, including direct exposure to the industry and diverse career options.  

“[The partnership] is supporting me with the right tools and knowledge to do the best at any opportunity that comes my way,” Kanon shares. 

My most memorable moments working with the Western Force are going on tour overseas with the boys, going to places like Japan, South Africa, New Zealand and being able to travel as a sports scientist, but also being able to travel as a researcher, collecting some data along the way and experiencing the travel firsthand.” 

Kanon’s research is not only valuable to the Western Force Super Rugby Team (men's) and the Western Force Super Women’s Team, but also to other teams in the organisation such as the Academy Pathways.  

Further to this, Kanon’s research is one of the first to look into the stages of sleep on a professional team.  

“We’re starting to get some insight into how these stages of sleep change within Super Rugby week and how some factors like travel or even playing a game can impact certain sleep stages,” Kanon shares.  

Are you ready to find your passion by enrolling in a postgraduate degree at UWA?  

A PhD in Sport and Exercise Science at UWA will unlock your power to enhance the success and performance of elite athletes and sporting teams, like Kanon. Each student’s PhD experience is different because you will undertake a unique course tailored to your interest and needs. 

Find out more about our postgraduate study options including the Doctor of Philosophy, and learn more about studying at Western Australia’s #1 university for sports-related subjects (QS WUR by subject 2024).   


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