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Seek a career that is future proof

12/05/2022 |

When it comes to securing your future employment prospects, studying a bachelor’s degree is a fantastic first step, but which bachelor’s degree will guarantee you a place in the future job market?

According to research from the National Skills Commission, the labour market is set to boom in the following areas by 2026:

  • Aged and disabled carers (up by 74,900 or 28.0%)
  • Registered nurses (up by 40,400 or 13.9%)
  • Software and application programmers (up by 42,200 or 27.0%)
  • Database and systems administrators, and ICT security specialists (up by 29,100 or 38.9%)
  • Management and organisation analysts (up by 28,200 or 32.2%).

(Source: Labour Market Insights, National Skills Commission)

If you have an interest in information technology and data science and want a career that is future proof then the new four-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree, with a major in Software Engineering is perfect for you. Our engineering program is designed to get you career-ready – you’ll graduate from a program that combines both the theoretical knowledge you’ll need with built-in practical experience units that partner with industry leaders.

What’s more, with the labour market analysis showing growth of up to 38.9% in data science employment, a major in Software Engineering could just be your ticket to a long and fulfilling career in a cutting-edge industry of the future.

Seek your dream career and discover how you can tailor your engineering degree to meet the industry needs of the future. Visit our online Engineering hub, check out our course structures and specialisations, or speak to one of our student advisers.


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