Inbound Medical Elective Program

The University of Western Australia (UWA) Medical Electives enable visiting medical students the opportunity to enhance their clinical skills in a new environment and experience life as a medical student in WA. 

As a visiting medical student, you can:

  • experience UWA’s medical specialties at our partner urban Teaching Hospitals, affiliated Medical Practices or through our Rural Clinical School
  • develop your clinical skills and patient care, learning with our expert Medical educators
  • gain insights into how medicine is practiced and experience the unique work: life balance Western Australia has to offer 

At the UWA Medical School we assist visiting medical students with elective placements at our affiliated teaching hospitals and our Rural Clinical School in Western Australia.

Your application for a Medical Elective with UWA will only be considered if you:

  • are enrolled in the final 2 years of a medical degree at another institution (whether in Western Australia, interstate, or overseas);
  • are seeking to complete a medical elective placement at a hospital or medical practice affiliated with UWA;
  • are in academic ‘good standing’ and have the support of your current Medical Dean (Course Director or equivalent);
  • have completed at least 12-months of clinical training at your home institution prior to commencing elective
  • meet all vaccination, police check, visa and insurance requirements  
  • have fully completed your application by the closing date and paid the non-refundable application fee

Available Placements

Medical Elective capacity at UWA fluctuates depending on the number of WA-based students completing their training, clinical loading and capacity, clinical educator availability as well as external factors (eg., COVID, hospital department construction, annual leave, conferences etc).  The list of elective specialities available can be found in the application form.  All elective placements are subject to availability and will be arranged by UWA staff in conjunction with the Clinical Provider.  While we will do our best to provide you with your top-ranked elective experience, you may not receive your preferred placement at your desired time due to the constraints outlines above.


All Elective applications require a non-refundable application fee of $200#


  • Elective fee 4 weeks: $1000*
  • Elective fee 8 weeks (or part thereof: $1400*)

For rural placements contact the UWA Rural Clinical School.

*We generally do not refund Elective fees unless your reasons for cancellation are deemed exceptional.  If cancellation occurs 3-6 months prior to your elective commencing, the maximum refund is 50% of fees paid.  If within 3-months of elective commencement, there will be no refund.    
#UWA Medical School has partner agreements with leading Medical Schools globally which may adjust these fees.  Electives longer than 8-weeks will only be considered if a Medical School partner agreement is in place. UWA medical students are exempt from these fees for UWA-based medical electives.

UWA Elective Application Link and Timeframes

2025 Elective Placements

Apply Here

Period Placement Commencing Between Applications Open Applications Close Application Outcome Sent
1 13 January - 6 April 2025 15 July 2024 18 August 2024 Week of 7 October 2024
2 7 April - 29 June 2025 26 August 2024 29 September 2024 Week of 18 November 2024
3 30 June - 21 September 2025 7 October 2024 10 November 2024 Week of 6 January 2025
4 22 September - 21 December 2025 18 November 2024 22 December 2024 Week of 17 February 2025

Please note:

  • Applications received for placements commencing outside of the defined Periods will not be processed until the appropriate time e.g. if you apply for a placement in May during Period 1 it will not be processed until after the Period 2 application deadline, with the associated Period 2 outcome timeframe.
  • Please do not contact UWA Electives administration during processing times to ask for the outcome of your application. You will receive a notification as soon as possible during the week specified.

Conditions and Requirements:

  • Offer and Acceptance to a medical elective is at the discretion of the Associate Dean (Global) and the Clinical Director (or equivalent) at the Clinical teaching site
  • Applications for Medical Electives are only considered if made through this application site. UWA does not accept applications made directly to a potential supervisor of Clinical Director
  • UWA does not offer formal assessments to Medical Elective students unless there is a University Partner agreement in place
    - Medical Elective students are responsible for their own travel, accommodations, living expenses and associated insurance (Travel, health and medical indemnity)
  • The Medical School reserves the right to cancel a medical elective should there be concerns about the validity of the information provided in the application or should unsafe or unprofessional conduct occur during the Medical Student elective.
  • Medical Elective students should review this site and/or contact their nearest Australian Consulate with respect to visa requirements. A tourist visa will allow entry and stay in Australia for the purpose of study/training for a period of up to 3 months.
  • No more than 2 medical electives per student can be undertaken at UWA, each requiring a separate application.

Please do not contact hospitals or medical professionals directly to make elective placement arrangements.  By going through the Inbound Medical Elective program, you will be captured in a recognised placement program and have access to a greater range of teaching hospitals and disciplines.

For enquiries please contact: [email protected]


How to apply and next steps

Information to apply

Applications must be received within the nominated timeframes.  Submissions outside those dates will not be considered.  Before submitting your application have the required documentation ready to upload in the form, including:

  1. Medical Elective Authorisation 
    Download the form via the link in the online application. The form must be completed and authorised by the Medical Dean (or nominated representative) at your home institution
  2. Official academic transcript 
    This must include a grading scheme (certified English translation if the original is not in English). If not already showing on the transcript, please also include information about completed clinical placements.
  3. English language proficiency
    If your current Medical program is taught 100% in English, no further evidence is required.  If your Medical program is taught (in part or whole) in another language then IELTS at a minimum overall score of 7.0, with no band less than 7.0.
  4. Application fee 
    The application fee is $200 and is to be paid during the application process. The University requires upload of a receipt of proof that the application fee has been paid or exempted if from a Partner Medical School. Your application fee will not be refunded.
  5. Passport biodata page
    Include a scanned copy from your passport of the page that shows your photograph, date of birth, country of issue, expiry date and personal details
  6. Medical malpractice protection certificate
    Your educational institution will have arrangements in place to cover medical students for medical malpractice/indemnity while on placement. You will be required to upload a copy of this if your application for medical elective is successful
Next steps

Applications will only be processed after the application close date.  Review of applications takes approximately 8-weeks.  If you meet the criteria, we will try our best to secure you a place, but we cannot guarantee a placement.

If your application is successful you will receive a notification offer via email. You must accept this offer and pay the elective fee within four weeks (see Payment Information tab above).  The notification will also include further information about documentation you need to provide before commencing your placement.  The documentation will vary according to your circumstances and/or the host hospital’s requirements. Examples of required documentation include:

  • Detailed health screen and immunisation compliance 
  • Professional indemnity and personal accident insurance
  • Criminal history and Working with Children Checks 


International students

Visa information

If you are from overseas you may be required to apply for a visa to enter Australia.  Visas are at the discretion of Australian Immigration. Clinical Elective Placements are classed as observation visits, not training/research. A visitor visa is appropriate, but conditions can vary. For advice consult the Australian Government embassy representative in your country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrange my own placement?
Our Inbound Electives Program is the only way to arrange a placement. Your application may be withdrawn if you contact a hospital department or medical professional directly.
I am an International student; what Visa do I need?
For the most reliable information about entry and visa requirements please contact the Australian Department of Home Affairs.
Can I apply at any time throughout the year?
Please see the Elective Periods above. Applications will only be accepted within those timeframes.
If I am travelling with someone else will we be placed at the same hospital?
If in your application, you advise us that you are travelling with another student we will attempt to place you together. However, co-placements are dependent on availability and capacity within the host hospital so it is not something we can guarantee.
Am I guaranteed a placement?
Initially any placement will be contingent on you meeting all Conditions and Requirements. Then it will depend on the number of applications received compared to the number of places available, which is influenced by operational factors within the hospitals.
If I am at another Australian University, do I still need to apply?
Yes, students from all other Australian Universities need to apply and are required to submit all required documentation.
If I don’t get offered a placement will my registration fee be refunded?
No, the AUD$200 registration fee is a non-refundable.
Will I get a UWA student card?
Elective students do not pay UWA university tuition fees so are not eligible for a UWA student card or student number. You will receive a hospital card which cannot be used as a student card.
Is there accommodation supplied?
You will need to arrange your own accommodation. Further information about accommodation options can be found via the UWA Accommodation Concierge.
What happens once I submit my application?
Receipt of your application will be acknowledged via return email advising how long it will take to process your application.
Who will let me know if I have a placement?
You will receive an offer from the UWA Medical School, outlining the relevant details and the deadline for accepting or declining the offer.
If I get an offer but it’s not what I really want, can I be made a different offer?
You will only receive one offer and if you decline that offer, we will treat this as a withdrawn application. Your application fee will not be refunded, and no further offers will be made.
Am I eligible for student concession on public transport?
Visiting students are not eligible for a concession on public transport in Western Australia. Your existing student ID card from your university will not be accepted on public transport here.
What happens if I can’t get all the documentation that is required?
All documentation must be submitted by the deadline. If you are experiencing difficulties getting the documents, please contact [email protected]
Do all my documents need to be in English?
Yes, all supporting documents must be in English or be translated and verified by an independent third party.
What are the Criminal History and Working with Children (WWC) Checks?

Anyone working in a Western Australian hospital must complete a Criminal History Check and, a Working with Children check. Successful applications will need to complete both checks before the placement can commence. Further information about these requirements can be found here.

Details about how to apply for these checks will be included when your elective is confirmed.

Can the school complete a form required by my University once I do my elective?

Should your university/institution require evidence of your participation in this program your clinical supervisor will certify adequate attendance and participation in clinical activities. If necessary, the UWA School of Medicine can include the UWA seal on this form.

Please note that UWA does not provide formal teaching or assessment for the Elective placement and is unable to sign or enter into individualised legal agreements with a student’s host institution.