Well-being in the Law School

The UWA Law School is committed to the health, well-being and safety of all of our students.  We strive to support our students to stay well and thrive throughout their studies.  

Message from Marco

Key contacts

Both the University and the Law School offer a number of services to support student well-being:


Well-being initiatives

Tilly the Juris Doctor

Tilly the Juris DogtorTilly is the Law School’s very own Juris Dogtor. You’ll find her out and about the Law Courtyard most days, where she’ll be more than happy to let you give her a good pat and a scratch behind the ear (especially if you have food)! Several studies have shown that interacting with and being in the presence of a placid dog can significantly reduce stress levels, especially for university students.

Calm dogs are also used in courtrooms in several Australian jurisdictions and abroad to help anxious witnesses give important evidence at trial. Being a wise and sleepy older lady, Tilly is always very relaxed and willing to help our law students destress between classes! 


Student Emergency Fund

The UWA Law School Student Emergency Fund is funded by philanthropic donations and provides grants of up to $500 to eligible students undertaking the Juris Doctor. The Fund assists students by providing financial support for unexpected emergency expenses surrounding situations such as accidents, illness, death of a family member or need for temporary housing. You can apply to this fund for a grant if an unexpected event has caused financial difficulties and is affecting your studies. Access our application form

Diversity Advisors

Aidan RicciardoAidan Ricciardo is a lecturer, researcher, and diversity advisor at the UWA Law School.

Aidan’s teaching and research interests lie in health law and evidence law, and the intersections between those areas. Aidan is also actively engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning in law, and has conducted research with other academics to understand, promote, and support diversity in legal education and the legal profession. This research has focussed on the experiences of law students and recent law graduates who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Along with the other Law School diversity advisors, Aidan is committed to ensuring that the UWA Law School is a safe and respectful environment where students from diverse backgrounds can thrive. 


Professor Stella Tarrant

Studying in an environment where one is part of a minority group is challenging. Associate Professor Stella Tarrant's role as a co-ordinating Diversity Advisor at the Law School is to support students relating to their experiences of disability, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or any other aspects of their identity.

"We welcome everyone to the Law School, and are committed to working towards being a place where all of who everyone is can be ‘brought to Uni’. Feeling like you have to leave some of yourself behind, or quietly put up with persistent stressors, is draining. If you have concerns, you are welcome to contact me." 

"Studying as a member of a minority group also gives invaluable insight into how an institution is working, and so I welcome feedback and suggestions from you as well, about problems you perceive or how we can make the Law School better, more inclusive."

"You can contact me on [email protected]." 

Walking Wednesday

UWA Law Access walking group


Studies show that exercise is integral to well-being. So is feeling connected to others.

Walking Wednesday provides an opportunity for staff and students to take a break from work and go for a walk on the beautiful Matilda Bay foreshore.




Blackstone Wellness portfolio

Blackstone Society sports program team photo with basketballThe Blackstone Society Wellness portfolio is dedicated to improving and raising awareness about the importance of student mental health and wellbeing. In particular, the Wellness portfolio aims to alleviate the stress of law school by providing students with the skills and resources to lead a healthier lifestyle – both mentally and physically. The portfolio runs several events throughout the year to achieve this. These include our pre-exam Wellness Weeks, our annual staff versus students You’ve Been Served volleyball competition and our annual Mental Health Quiz Night. The wellness team also coordinates Blackstone’s sports program, including inter-school and tri-law sports as well as HBF Run for a Reason and City to Surf teams.