Social Media for CSR in the Resource Sector

Examining how companies use social media to communicate their social responsibility

While corporate social media use becomes more prevalent and sophisticated, we know very little about how companies use it to interact with stakeholders, particularly in business to business (B2B) contexts.

This research has clear managerial relevance, with many firms utilising social media for a variety of purposes. In addition to this, technological advancements are enabling greater interaction with customers and stakeholders than ever before.

By identifying the corporate social responsibility (CSR) applications of social media, particularly in an under-researched resources sector context, we can begin to understand how companies can develop more effective strategies and enhance their CSR contributions.

This can lead to positive environmental and social impact as it can make social media use more accepted and easier, allowing firms to directly engage with key stakeholders and address issues in more meaningful ways.

Project opportunity

We welcome researchers to join our team, including people interested in using this area to drive a PhD. Activities will include designing and managing experimental social media content, engaging with industry partners and publishing the research.


Identify the top ranked resources sector companies in terms of CSR

Gather data such as posts, comments and engagement statistics from resources sector companies’ social media pages

Analyse and understand the different communication styles used by resources sector companies

Test relationships between CSR performance, communication style and social media engagement



The University of Western Australia, BHP Billiton Research Award

  • ‘Project to investigate the Application of Social Media for CSR in the Resources Sector’
  • Harrigan, P., Schepis, D. and Coussement, K.

Work with us

This project involves researchers from both UWA and IESEG School of Management, France. To enhance this work, we’re looking for researchers with expertise in the resources sector and big data analytics. We’re also looking for funding and industry partners to work through industry experiments.

If you’d like to get involved, contact Dr Harrigan or Dr Daniel Schepis on the details below.

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Dr Paul Harrigan

Senior Lecturer, Marketing (UWA Business School)

[email protected]